Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tacoma Screw!!1!!1!

Okay, previously I wrote some jibber-jabber about riding to Tacoma for Gritty City Sundays. Well $hit is on. We're riding down there, leaving here at 10am on Sunday from Pioneer Square, Gritty City Ridin' at 2:30pm from Wright Park in Tacoma, and riding our ass back in a sunset of justice and glory.

By the time we ride down there (~40 miles), back (~40 miles), do the Gritty City Sunday ride (? miles), we should hit a GD century. If we hit 98 miles I'm riding my bike around Seattle until I get to 100.

If you're interested doing, say... HALF of that, it looks like a lovely Amtrak train will take you back for $13. I think the bus works too.

Tacoma Screw!!!!
When: Sunday April 5th, 10:00am
Where: Occidental Park
What: Ridin' dirty
Why: We Help Each Other
How: On bikes, duh
Who: Bunnyhawks!

It'll be SWAWESOME (so awesome). You'll tell your grandkids about this day.

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