Thursday, April 16, 2009


This guy wrote an article about how bikes need to be less "bikey/car-y" and more "walkey" or something. Honestly I don't know really what his point was other than to say this guy loves/hates Armstrong so bad that he has, to the point of psychosis mentioned Mellow Johnny about fifty thousand times. Read the article. Then read the reply I sent to him below.

Mr Coleman,

So, I'm not going to take a moral/environmental high road here on the bike issue so deftly outlined in your posting on I'll just say this. Do some research about your local ordinances and I think you will find that bicycles are considered vehicles and while there are stipulations that suggest cyclists use the shoulder, they are allowed to pretty much occupy any part of the roadway if they feel the shoulder to be unsafe or if they are turning. We are also allowed by law to ride two abreast and carry stuff in our arms while riding. Not to mention that pedestrians have the right to occupy any part of the side walk without fear of being hit by cyclists just as cyclists have the right to occupy any part of the roadway with out fear of being hit by an automobile. End of story.

That being said fuck you. We pay our transportation taxes too. Frankly I'll ride wherever I want and break any laws that I want and not give a fuck about your gay cell phone or your inability to just chill the fuck out before you go speeding off across established lanes of traffic to the next red light. The fact of the matter is that you are right. The roads are a veritable meat grinder and we have the balls to ride unshielded in the calm center of a hurricane of life ending speed and metal and you and your pussy attitude and your pulpy face made of Wendy's burgers and body made of baby girls can do nothing about it except complain with your whiny wimpy butt hole of a mouth.

I'm glad I know what kind of car you drive so I can lean on it the next time I see you at a stop and skitch off your wheel wells or superfluous spoiler when that shit turns green. Bottom line we don't care what you think while your mind and body turn to mush in your totally middle of the road white person's economy sedan.

Hit me back if you still fail to understand.


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  1. This is just, totally right on. The guy's a puke.