Monday, April 27, 2009

Trail Blazin' II

So we also had our first mid flight recruitment. Funny because we have been trying to get this guy to roll out with us like since, FOREVER! He just happened to be one beer stop worth of time behind us and when we stopped (for the beer stop) there he was like a vision. (Pictured at right in a photo from The Snowpocalypse.)

He was hauling the long way to Lake City and we cold drafted him off the street. Which made for an interesting few miles to follow as this guy is a bag of hammers drilled off the front. Seriously, he is fast. (He is also my favorite service department manager of all time.) Everyone hates him for being so in shape. They hated me for trying to keep up. He hated me for hating him for keeping up and hating them for hating me for keeping up with him. (Huh?)

Anyhow he was on a mission that didn't involve booze until later so we got latered and drank a beer without him at the top of the first hill.

We gave him a tee- shirt (First Edition Blaise Curry Reprint).

He told me today he wore it to bed that night.

I thought that was about the nicest thing I had ever heard.

BunnyHawking makes me happy that it makes people happy.


  1. Technical correction from the North Cap Hill office: this would be the 2nd mid-flight cold recruitment. (or maybe 3rd? i don't keep track of every bunnyhawk during our rides)

    But during the Easter ride I chatted up a prospective BHer about riding as we went from Gas Works to Ballard. He received a lovely bunnyhawk 'business card' (spoke card).

    I guess we'll have to wait and see if either one follows up on the recruitment.

  2. I think Monica was technically the first to be cold recruited off the streets. Hell I'm just stoked that anyone shows up at all.

    (Where has she been?)