Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brooklyn To Cloister

So there was no hairy man pouring booze in to my mouth yesterday.  However, I did represent the bUNNyHawKS well and rode my little heart across town.  So I rode in spirit, and I rode with a three hour advantage.  14.7 miles one way to the north Bronx to check out the Cloister park and museum.  It was grand, the weather was grand, the cars I yelled for cutting us off was grand, the taxi that bummed in to the back of my tire as I was track standing at a red light was not so grand... but I did not fall and that was grand.  Jodi being an amazing champ on her cruiser the entire way was grand.  And lastly, the cab that swung out in the bike lane to cut me off - as I rode past narrowly and punched the hood like Balrog was grand.  New York makes you an aggressive cyclist.  

Some Notes:
* Barely any cyclist I saw here stops for red lights, cops don't even care if they see it
* One way streets are apparently not one way for cyclist
* Anything goes on a bike?

* Riding downtown with intense traffic
* Riding brakeless the entire time (I'm super proud of this)
* Getting to see more of the city instead of the subway's view

1 comment:

  1. sleeves optional, i love it. looks like you had some sweet weather.. new handle bar on beatrice?

    i like the idea of seeing more of NY than just the subway, which comprises 90% of what i've seen in the city.