Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blaze a Trail with Blaise

That's right! In the full out onslought of riding that has been the Tour de Avril we will be finishing out the month with a throw down and hoedown tour of the north end of Lake Washington. Like the pioneers of old we will steel ourselves against the fickle elements and brave Indian attack to discover new territory.

Our fearless muleskinnin' guide Blaise will help us screw our courage to the sticking place and stand together in the harsh and untamed lands of Mercer Island and Lake Forest Park. (Figure fifty miles for this one).

Who: Bunnyhawks
What: Blaze a trail with Blaise.
When: This Saturday April 25th
Where: Gas Works Park 11:00 am.
How: On bikes Duh!


  1. I LOVE THE NEW FORMAT!!!!!!1!!!

    Also, looking forward to some blazing saddles on saturday. Bike is operational now, thanks to justin. Leg is almost operational now, thanks to quick-healin genes (thanks mom!).

  2. Had to change the photo. It just didn't make sense before.

  3. i know exactly what you mean. before I wasn't quite sure who we were blazing a trail with, I mean, seriously some random ass dude on the Oregon Trail?

    he'd probably get typhoid, and then where would we be when fording the Snake River?

    I'm glad now I can see Blaise's face and know EXACTLY who we're blazing with.