Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Dinner Parties!....Now!!!

I'll admit I was resistant to the concept of becoming a real adult. Turns out its the coolest thing ever. Your friends turn in to super elegant hosts in fancy apartments that serve wine in real wine glasses and converse about topical subjects ranging from athletic performance to the emergent days of punk rock while seated around hand crafted tropical hardwood tables or lounging on custom upholstered built-in settees.

Its feels like you just got a promotion. Your heart swells with pride as you realize that perhaps, just perhaps you are now an established GD member of the GD establishment.

Why was I so mad at us for so long. We F-ing rule!!!

(We also still get smashed on Hurricane rum and fall down in the kitchen laughing hysterically at the words "Duck Hunt". In that way it sorts feels like we still live with our parents who are on vacation.)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

High Fivin'

This dude is high fiving people trying to hail cabs in NYC. Pretty funny stuff, though I think the video could have been trimmed down to about a quarter of its current length.

I can't judge though. I have to respect the High Five.

Along these lines.. there's also the High Five Escalator.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mission Success!

I know we usually think of BunnYHawking as a group event for social interaction with other like minded individuals. But this was one badly needed solo mission. It was great to flex the new frame and gain some long shot perspective on an extended road trial / shakedown.

The first leg:

Georgetown to Kenmore- We have all done this at one point or another. Remember Log Boom Park? so uneventful, but so easy to kill the first fifth of the trip. I wasn't even warmed up by the time I hit "Kenmore Lanes". (Which reminds me, Blaise says "BowlinGHawkS needs to happen")

Second Leg:

Bothel, Everett, Marysville- This got hard. Not because it was hard yet physically, but honestly... I don't know exactly. Its bad urban suburbs to worse rural ones. Lots of traffic, lots of gated communities, lots of wannabe gated communities, to low end track homes with names like gated communities to just shit holes. I did stop for two hard shell tacos at TacoBell in Everett. And Brandon was with me in spirit. I could feel his presence as I passed some Boeing buildings. Once I was over the Stilguamish the ride started to resemble what I was envisioning.

Third leg:

Marysville to Mt Vernon- Some of us went to Mt.V for the twolips ride. The Skagit is so open. I did all three hours of it while listening to Ira Glass drone on and on about some stuff I couldn't concentrate on as some pain was starting to set in. I was expecting to do this section very fast. My perception of it was that it would be flat. Its not. It always goes a little bit up and then a little bit down. I also thought there would be no trees. The route I took went past some very old family farms and much of it was in the shade of ancient cottonwoods. The temperature was perfect and it was beautiful. I wasn't much past half way but it was hurting bad. (not good hurting like later). I felt much better as I passed the welcome to Mt. Vernon sign. I stopped at the coop and had a Thai Curry Wrap. I sat down for about 15min. and calculated the miles remaining.

Fourth leg:
Mt. V. to Bellingham.
I thought about bailing on the trip and calling in the sag wagon as I was riding up to Mt. V. Everything was hurting it a really strange way. But something about being in town on the beautiful day eating carbs wrapped in carbs and realizing that really all I had to do was ride to Golden Gardens and back renewed me. It wasn't like I steeled my resolve or gathered my determination, I just felt better and wanted to keep riding. Funny, I don't think I was warmed up properly until that moment. Stuff still kinda hurt but I didn't care. Things just got more and more beautiful and more and more profound as I traveled north. Then I hit the Chuckanut. I got nervous as the road started to rise above the bay. I thought "Now you are going to suffer in these hills." but I didn't. I just stretched out on the bike dumped all my gears and twiddled up the steeps and absolutely bombed the drops. I was so elated to look out on to the sea that there was barely time to feel any sensation but well being. The ups and downs were perfect with the sea air. I was in the longdance. I was seeing god. I cried openly. I was dimly aware that my feet and asscrotch were dead numb and that probably wasn't good. So I stopped. I unvelcroed my shoes and ate some goo on a non-turn-out-shoulder on the last hill before the decent in to Fairhaven. I didn't know this was the last hill. The goo was like new blood. I climbed the last hill and dropped like a stone to the cool floor of the ocean. Fairview was a blink. And then Bellingham. I went the wrong way on State St. Got energized on Holly at exploded up to Broadway. While checking the address for Greer and Ariah's place I had a weird conversation about Her Majesty the Gravedigger with a semi-homeless guy who asked "how many gears you got there?". He said he wanted a fixie. I told him I had to go.

I saw the Volvo and turned in sharply. Before I knew it I was getting a hug in a driveway. It felt very strange to be finished.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Swap Meet

(Posting from Charlie's email)


Are you looking to score a sweet new pair of pants that you can turn into cut offs?
Maybe even a HIP new christmas sweater just in time for the cold weather...

...if so, then come to the biggest clothes swap of the year!!

Where: My House
807 22nd Ave, Seattle, WA

When: Saturday, September 19th (6pm-on)

What to bring: Just clothes. No cash.

So, hop on your bikes (or in your cars if you have A LOT of clothes) and come on over for some sweet new duds, as well as drink and BBQ!
We'll be sparking the grill at 6pm and should be swapping till the night closes in...

Be thur or be square.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009


Again better late than never. We hired a photographer (It was more like Ashley was pressed in to service) naturally things take a bit longer when you are working with a professional. I think it was worth it. Anyway enjoy the slide show.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

daily commute

I saw this originally on Ryan's blog, and it's a RAD video. Danny MacAskill shows us that even when it's damp with grey skies you can have fun on your commute. I'll need to keep that in mind once this last gasp of summer dissipates.

As usual with these things, the music kind of sucks. (what is with that?!?) As usual, I recommend another song. So start the Danny MacAskill video below, pause it and put it on mute. In another window, start this song for some more appropriate background music. Enjoy. Repeat. Rinse.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Brandon mentioned that we need to get off our asses and organize. I agree. A ride for riding's sake. No extra agenda, No commitments to keep*. Just some bikes some riders a route and some beer. Fv(k Yeah!!!

So... Lucky thirteen is next Sunday. I don't want a hangover Monday. We will ride from twelve noon on Saturday to 12:o1am Sunday. The route will be from CH to South end locations and back. I'm thinking a bunch of bars we haven't been to or should frequent more but don't. Think, Angies in Columbia City, Something on Beacon Hill (does anyone know a bar there), Marco Polo in GT, The Hudson on First, China Gate in the ID, Redwood, Twilight, Etc...

It's gonna feel so good. Like a reunion tour of your favorite band, except you are the band.

*Except to the god of luck

Sunday, September 6, 2009


So most of you who read regularly know about my custom bike. It was build by Chris Boedeker a friend of mine from Recycled Cycles. I was hesitant to post it until I was sure I had put 300 miles on it and therefore had a completely informed opinion. I love it. Its not a machine for the timid or fast paced. I thought it was going to be like a tank, big heavy, bombproof... turns out its more like a Cadillac, Big, heavy, bombproof and well lets just say its smooth as hell. It descends like a ballistic missile and takes the corners like its on rails.

Best of all, it was built by a friend out of American steel and is kitted out with 90% used components (rims, spokes, tires, bar wrap, cables and housing are new.) Cruelty free, free range, organic, local bike.

It was so worth it.

You can look at the photos here

You can check out Boedie Cycles here

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chamillionaire wishes he could Ride this Dirty

My buddy Rafal in Omaha (pronounced Home-Aha) told me about this annual race, the Dirty Kanza 200. It sounds awesome. 200 miles through rolling hills of gravel in Kansas. Over 80% of the participants did not finish last year. WHICH IS AWESOME.

I'm kind of intrigued.

There's a video of 2009's event, but the choice of music is suspect. So you'll want a different soundtrack; I recommend "Roundabout" by Yes. Cue it up by opening this link in a new window and wait for the bass at 0:45.

Then start the Vimeo video -- OBVIOUSLY on mute so you can listen to "Roundabout".

Dirty Kanza 200 - 2009 from Garret Seacat on Vimeo.