Monday, September 7, 2009


Brandon mentioned that we need to get off our asses and organize. I agree. A ride for riding's sake. No extra agenda, No commitments to keep*. Just some bikes some riders a route and some beer. Fv(k Yeah!!!

So... Lucky thirteen is next Sunday. I don't want a hangover Monday. We will ride from twelve noon on Saturday to 12:o1am Sunday. The route will be from CH to South end locations and back. I'm thinking a bunch of bars we haven't been to or should frequent more but don't. Think, Angies in Columbia City, Something on Beacon Hill (does anyone know a bar there), Marco Polo in GT, The Hudson on First, China Gate in the ID, Redwood, Twilight, Etc...

It's gonna feel so good. Like a reunion tour of your favorite band, except you are the band.

*Except to the god of luck

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  1. Angie's! Orient Express in Sodo!

    and if we're clever enough maybe we can figure out some way to wrap the bicycle film festival activities in. might take some thought though.