Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post of 2008

So I guess I am a moron.

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Leather jackets are powerful totems. Once you have one everything needs to change around it. I just got one for Christmas (second hand) and its like "wow this makes everything different" I have never had one before I feel a bit lost in this new world. You can see it and try it on.

We are hosting a Lost Kitten/Cyclops Puppy New Years party for anyone with nowhere to go. We will watch the fiocwackows from volunteer park. think 11-1130. Everybody can hang at the 1416 East Marion House and drink before and until....

bling in the new year

(these are from blingin' in 2008)

be safe.

do like dominic, fuck a glass, just grab the bottle!

happy 2009

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

OK back in action after a rousing trip to the east coast for some feasting and baby jesusing. There was a lot of snow, a lot of driving in cars to go places although I did manage to convince my dad that both meat and booze could be retrieved without the use of fosil fuels even in Connecticut. Pops was stoked! He and my mom would bunnyHawk for sure.

We dropped in to New York had our minds blown out at the MET by thousands of years old sculpture portraits. Walked around Central Park (We all got nostalgic for the time we spent more time in NYC. It still is an incredible place). Then we met Max. He started a ride from our house in September that lasted until last week in Brooklyn. (John Wayne Pain Train pictured here.) We were there to watch him dip his Rear wheel in the Puget and his front in the east river! Way to go little buddy. Max is the truest of the true old school propa' stompa'. See the slide show for the bunnyhawk brooktown roll out.
(note the recycled cycles cap that went round the block)

Also, we all need to start thingking about how we are going to pull off the January ride. Remember we have TWO count them TWO bunnyhawk birthdays to celebrate and although he didn't live to join or nessesarily live to ride, Dr Martin Luther King is definately in the club and we are definately going to celebrate his day!!!!


Monday, December 29, 2008

UK notables

Had to put up a quick post to display a few snap-shots I got whilst across Ye Olde Ponde.

Exhibit A:

British dude totally about to overtake this "Derby Express Couriers" lorry (showing some bad bicyclin' speed!!), which is just evidence that the Brits are in bad need of some bike messengers. and some speed. and the classic, inspiring movie, "the need 4 speed" (parts 1 through 1 million)

Exhibit B:

No explanation needed, this obviously needed to be captured on film.

Exhibit C:

The convenience store near my hotel was named Mister Booze (I am not making this up). I went there everyday. Twice if I could. Sadly, though, they did not sell Sparks.

That's all for now. Snow-mageddon is over. The New Year is coming.

Ka kaaa!

Monday, December 22, 2008

So I'm here in Connecticut at my folks house in the vain attempt to avoid snowpocalypse III by going all the way to the east coast. WRONG... its dumping here too. A good friend of mine told me they have no way of removing the 14 ft of the white stuff that Miami and the rest of dade county is curently under. Baffin island is the only snow free zone outside of Siberia! That and King Hakkon Land in Svalberd. I baffled the town of wilton by riding a Trek comfort bike to the hardware store to buy some heat tape to keep the fuel lines to the furnace from freezing. No shit! I plan on riding to the bar to meet my friend Max later.

Keep the bars up!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

so much ice my neck feels like a cold front

the snow is bananas! makes me want july all over again. Sunburns are wicked hangovers and all.
the only nice thing about it is the unarguable excuse for eating heavy greasy foods and lots of whiskey.

alright well since i can't ride my bike i'm gonna ride my sled.
don't hate....participate!

i'm out,

katie brown of the coma tacoma!

Friday, December 19, 2008

stranded in the uk

Been trying to post for a couple days, but the MAN has been keeping me down with mad work hours. I'm checking in over here from a rather industrialized town in the middle of the UK.

Think: Detroit, but with worse food.

Apparently TI's "you can have whatever you like" policy does not cover international territory.

I managed to burgle a couple of good indian meals out of it, I guess that's not too bad.

I'm effing excited after seeing the inspiring snow scene back in Seattle! Not quite as inspiring, however, as this video, which I'd like to dedicate to all the bunnyhawks out there.

This video is awesome for so many reasons, but here are my two favorites:

- Peter Cetera is wearing a Bauhaus shirt.
- Also pretty sure that's Billy Idol making out with Madonna throughout the video. To be confirmed.

That's all I can squeeze out before I have to catch my train in about 20 minutes.

Rubble, Rubble.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The snow continues to fall! A couple of bunnyhawKs could be seen riding around anyway. If you haven't had the pleasure of riding around in the white stuff, you need to go now. Use skinny tyres they go right right to the boTTom and STICK. The skids are endless and super fishtailey. Kinda like a Prius only with less gas. We went to Glo's (awsome panquekes, endless coffee) then I went to the hospital because my kidneys are bleeding. No its true. It was way scary, still kinda is. Doc says its an infection that should go away on its own but, when you piss blood you loose some of whatever innocence you have left. Doc also says "drink lots of fluids". I'm gonna stop at "drink lots" and go to happy hour.

We're headed for NY early Saturday. Keep the love strong.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pure Inspiration

Here is your daily.

Monday, December 15, 2008

More on Santa


Justy here coming to you from Minneapolis, where it's currently 6 below on the gd mercury. The thought of hosting an arctic tramp Bunnyhawk ride occurred to duder, but I suspect we all value our genitals enough that freezing them off would be unacceptable. On that note, though, I do wish I could have been with y'all on your latest in search of the Santapotomus ride. Ooh, and I see Burglar put of a pic of GangaClaus. Love that guy. The closest encounter to Santa and/or Ganga Claus I've had is via the local newspaper, which has been running a story, complete with photos, of unhappy kids with santa.
(you'll shoot your eye out!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pure Inspiration

Stay on top.

Mad Up Yo' Seff!

Its the straight dope. The bunnyhawks were cold, cold rollin'. bunnyhawks do the dambedest things. They was cold chillin' like fo rills. Did you all check the temperature? No Shit! Mad ups to the commited who braved the pre-party to Snowpocalypse now! Many santas, more santa hats and way too many poinsetias (sp). Good cheer, cold beer, reign deer! Next ride, Next year. Be on the look out for updates.

Oh yeah, DaftPunk hat has a baby sister. Silly Fresh pure "christmas red" flat brim I picked up in a South Seattle gas station "206" be on the look out.

I love you all like brothers and sisters. (You too Dan)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Exists.

2nd report: Santa Search a resounding success. Bunnyhawk-santa interactions are being reported all over the city. From the downtown "commerce district" to the seattle center of weirdness, to pioneer square, where, bizarrly, nothing christmaslike happens. Bunnyhawk hq south ran out of hamm's, but luckily bunnyhawks are resilient and adaptable creatures. Visual documentation to follow.

last christmas, i gave you my heart

I couldn't resist the call of bunnyhawk on the race-to-post, I hope this ends up in 1st place when I hit publish..

And now, here's a dilemma. So much inspiration and motivation piling up:

- New website!!!
- Unicorn Pinata named Jezebel
- "Need 4 Speed" (parts 1 and 2)
- Santa Search (come and gone? not too late?)
- New bike is ready to go
- Broadswords are indeed cool.

But no RELEASE, because Momz is in town to celebrate xmas a little early, which means no bike riding for a little bit here (momz doesn't ride, no big whoop). I'll be back in the saddle again though. Am super pumped about some mean rides in January (oh man I can't wait for a very special ride) and hell maybe we even give another try at Santa Search for sad saps like myself who bailed out like Hank Paulson today?

PS - Bonus Triva on Momz is that her husband (Dan) has a little part time job every winter called SANTA where he dresses up as Santa Claus and makes the kids happy. He grows the beard out and dyes his hair white, a la exhibit A:

It's just too bad he doesn't roll out on the mean streets of Omaha like this dude:

Santa Dan also loves free drinks at the bar from drunk people who think he's Santa. This happens all the time, so he's a great guy to be out with for whenever his cup runneth over and the free drinks roll downhill to you.

Get Motivated

Jezebel the magic candy-filled unicorn implores you to take your bunnyhawk responsibility seriously and take the power of the bunnyhawk to all corners of the earth.

Pure Inspiration

Part II. Stay strong.

So to post something all you have to do is is click "post" sign in and start playing with all of the options that are presented. Its exploratory in nature just like riding a bike around in the city. Options appear, left or right stop and hydrate or keep riding to the end of the grocery store.

Lets see who will be the first to post. I think it will be....Burglar.

Friday, December 12, 2008

If you all click on "Follow" I can then include you in "Manage" and we can all contribute to this thing. It will be true collective media. Totally at the disposal of those who serve it and to whom it serves. I think we should model our charter on the constitution of Iceland.

"One does not stand alone in the withering cold, but shelters against the biting winds behind stalwart compatriots in turn. It is by the warmth of others that we may feed our might and repair to the round house of victory."

I think this could be really big in a pleasantly unimportant sort of way don't you agree.

I think broadswords are cool.

Pure Inspiration

BUnnYHawKS Duh!!!!

So this is the real s**t if you want it. I know I want it. I know I have wanted it for a really long time. This should be a place of pure street expression. We should talk about it. This is where we should talk about it. I've got this sweet Rocawear hat that is like camo for standing infront of a painting that looks like Daftpunk sounds. It got really wet today because I was stomping so hard on a bunnyhawk mission to send some CDs to a prospective bunnyhawk in Kentucky. I have to ride down hill like a grandpa (One slip break a hip) because all this acid rain desolved my brakes!!!!

Who can make it to Santa Search????? Tommorow 1:00-dark CAP (Cal Anderson Park) post a comment.