Saturday, December 13, 2008

last christmas, i gave you my heart

I couldn't resist the call of bunnyhawk on the race-to-post, I hope this ends up in 1st place when I hit publish..

And now, here's a dilemma. So much inspiration and motivation piling up:

- New website!!!
- Unicorn Pinata named Jezebel
- "Need 4 Speed" (parts 1 and 2)
- Santa Search (come and gone? not too late?)
- New bike is ready to go
- Broadswords are indeed cool.

But no RELEASE, because Momz is in town to celebrate xmas a little early, which means no bike riding for a little bit here (momz doesn't ride, no big whoop). I'll be back in the saddle again though. Am super pumped about some mean rides in January (oh man I can't wait for a very special ride) and hell maybe we even give another try at Santa Search for sad saps like myself who bailed out like Hank Paulson today?

PS - Bonus Triva on Momz is that her husband (Dan) has a little part time job every winter called SANTA where he dresses up as Santa Claus and makes the kids happy. He grows the beard out and dyes his hair white, a la exhibit A:

It's just too bad he doesn't roll out on the mean streets of Omaha like this dude:

Santa Dan also loves free drinks at the bar from drunk people who think he's Santa. This happens all the time, so he's a great guy to be out with for whenever his cup runneth over and the free drinks roll downhill to you.

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