Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Read the poster. We will ride. Karl is good. He makes us happy. Its on Capitol Hill. We can do a hot lap to VP and drink at the Cha-Cha.

We will not-not go to our friends art openings

Bike Swim Drink

The bunnyhawks have proven to be agile on many terrains. Bicycling is definitely their forte, but did you know that a bunnyhawk can also take to the water like some sort of amphibious-bird-mammal? It's true! And to prove it, I am going to ride from Gas Works Park to Medgar Evers Pool and partake in the shenannigious (by the way, that produced NO spelling error... it IS a word) water sport. Afterward, I am going to dry off, grab a cold one from a grocery store and go where the wind takes me.

If anyone would like to join, I applaud your courage.

Who: The BuNNyhAWks
What: Ride to swim, swim to drink, drink to live, live to ride
Where: Gas Works Park to Medgar Evers Pool to Cal Anderson
When: Wednesday, July 1st at 5:30pm
Why: Because we like you

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Friday, June 26, 2009


STP comming up. We will not register for this ride. We will not NOT use any of the support services. We will not NOT eat their food and drink their beer. We will not NOT use their water stations and road closures and other safety stuff. We will not NOT have more fun than them.

Check the calendar. Check the Radardar. Check the weathar.

The best part is that the following Monday is Lucky 13. In case you forgot you swore a blood oath to ride every one of these rain or shine, bleeding asstaint or not. You pass on the 13 you curse us forever. The gods smile on the BunnYHawkS. Don't fv(k this up by being a normal human with normal human needs like rest and health and sh*t.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seattle Police

So I would like to correct my last post with this post. The Police did show up along with several members of the GT community who were willing to come forth as witnesses. We're talking five patrol cars doing laps looking for the perps, a forensics unit taking prints off the neighbors car and two very professional and friendly officers who were asking pointed questions of the victim and bystanders. The television unfortunately has been officially pronounced dead.

Honestly I was just too hasty in my judgement of the police. I am amazed by the thoroughness of their conduct and services.

Oh yeah they have the three perps in custody and the neighbor made a positive ID. It took all of two hours.

And to the perps, You are going down, going down in Georgetown. Have fun with a felony charge for destruction of property. Thanks Cops, Thanks neighbors. You can not F**K with this hood!


So I guess g-town has a vernal pack of wilding teenagers. This
television was dispatched outside of our house and our neighbor had
her winshield smashed. We called the cops, several of us saw it go
down. They didn't show. Brass Knuckles.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm at a CPR course. How gross is this scene. I'm in hell. I have to
put my mouth on this.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drinking at our place... cheap. Emerging art of all types...free. The chance to bunnyHaWk around like a gang and scare clowns... Priceless.

Lets make this a day to remember. I have fiowcwakows and botowokets. Anna knows a good way to set them off. I know Stace wants a "drunk and disorderly." Don't you???

Check it outhere

Sunday, June 21, 2009

this has nothing to do with biking

but I seriously love this series (put here in reverse chronological order)

Friday, June 19, 2009

To tweet or not to tweet

That is my question to you.

BunnYHawK is now a registered tweeter. The profile uses Justin's e-mail (we can change that)... but how do we want to do this?

Send out the name and password to EVERYONE and trust no shenannigans like password change will occur? Or what? Comment or email me at dominic.henning@gmail.com


Thursday, June 18, 2009

I know it's been a while.

It's been a while since I've seen any of you Bunnyhawkers. If'n ya'll are into ridin' yer bikes all night on the Solstice, I may have some tips for you.

First tip: Don't run into a burning building.
Second tip: Ride the Solstice Scavenger Hunt/Ride.

This will be a clothing recommended ride, from 9:11pm and running to 5:11am. Like Dolly Parton, workin' 9 to 5. There will be a big breakfast buffet at Louisa Boren Park. For vegans and opportunivores.
I'm asking people to throw in $10 to buy food, and spoke card materials. Pre-registration can be done online at www.gomeansgo.org. If you want to pay cash, let me know, you can email Ryan at ryan@bikebloc.com
The goal is to host what I hope will be an annual affair, building community, and lots of fun having.
In my mind's eye, I see two groups. One, that wants to ride fast, the other, a more casual pace. There will be a couple meet ups throughout the night, people coming together to make bike parties around midnight and around 3am. Finishing out with a big breakfast at the best place to watch a sunrise in Seattle. Yeah.. It's not 70 degrees all night right now, but this is the weather we're used to yeah?

So come hang out at Gasworks before the ride, then let's do the damn thing.


Today I woke up

And heard "you can have whatever you like" on the radio. Good way to
start the day.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Let's Ride On The Other Side...

Went for a bike ride yesterday.  After getting CRAZY lost the night before.  Seriously 7 miles out of my way lost till figuring out I was on the "man-made" island.  I left my bike in Ginza locked up because I was mega late to meet up with a friend in Shibuya Saturday night.  

Next day on the 14th I took the train to get my bike and go to Harajuku.  Harajuku on sundays are epic.  There are all these kids dressed up like living dolls.  Rode there fast and hard buNNyHAwK Style.  Tokyo has the best pavement, so smooth and almost nearly flat.  I did find two hills which were chump change compared to ours in Seattle so blasted up them and down to Omotesando Dori.  Once at Harajuku I was meeting my friend JC who came from me.  She took the train - I waited for her nearly an hour before she showed up.  Basically - bikes are faster then the super punctual subway system.

It started raining, so it was time to head back to the hostel.  The distance is 12.5 km (shy of 8 miles).  It was one of the best rides I have done.  Sprinkling at first - then pouring down.  The combination between the pavement, left side of the road.  Huge streets, new environment etc... really made it fun.

Today after my meetings here I went to a couple of bike shops.  They had some sweet track frames.  Maybe I will pick one up if I can find a good deal.

Keep on riding, I'll be home at the end of the month.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lucky 13

The photos here pretty much sum up the day. We had (once again) perfect weather and a good crew of BUnnyhawKS to roll out with. We had a bit of a slow start because of wardrobemalfunctions and the need for an emergency tire replacement (two actually but one was much later). We then showed some buNnyHawks from out of town how to go from Seattle to Los Angeles on a bike in just twenty minutes. We had a fine time by the sea getting sunburns and eating hangbergers and getting seaweed spa treatments (or as Domino says "spaz treatments") Drank some beer and met up with the "Bicycle Belles". Three stops three performances on their south end tour. God I love following the top acts while they are at the peak of their talent but not yet at the peak of their popularity. We all got busted for trespassing in a secure area (Me for the fiocwakows). We of course ended up in Georgetown at Gateway park for more burgers (Thanks DBB,BBQ Josh) some more beers (Thanks Bicycle Belles) and more fiocwakows (Thanks Suquamish tribe.) Anna's chest may newer be the same. (Just for the record it was her idea. She insisted. Oh yeah, Domino shot one out of his face.) The whole day was effing perfect! The Gods of luck are pleased.

Aha! Tricks!

maybe this is a hoax, but it still looks cool and old timey. also, probabably not edison (perhaps filmed by edison?)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BunnyhaWK - Goes to TOKYO

Dear Fellow/Fella BunnYHawkS

I'm off to Tokyo, Japan in the morning. I will be taking my bike with me per the norm and doing it up. This adventure has not hit me yet. There has been a lot of work to get me somewhat ready - and I'm still ill-prepared. Regardless - I will post on the road and give updates.

Lucky 13

Traditionaly 13 is an unlucky number. So far this has been true for the BunNyHawks.

No More.

We have a great Saturday planned. We will ride together from GWP to Fauntleroy in West Seattle making several stops for food and drink. We will then head to Belltown to join the Bicycle Belles for their ride/performance. We will stick with them until Georgetown. After that it's up to you whats gonna happen.

Be there or be square.

Who: BunnYhAWKs + Bicicle Belles
What: Lucky 13
When: 11:00am
Where: Gas Works Park
Why: Get 13 lucky
How: Steamrollers- (They have two wheels right?)

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Talkin About a Lifetime Plan

I know this is not as cool as Justin's Metallica resurrection (nostalgically or otherwise), but then again, I am not as cool as Metallica, so what are you going to do. I went for my first long ride in awhile and also had a musical anecdote. I had the Little River Band's "Reminiscing" in my head for like 4 hours. I'd like to thank Justy for that.

Ironically perhaps, (I have a personal problem distinguishing irony from reality), I am having too much fun with these smooth songs of the 70's -- my man Mike McD always told me to keep it smooth. Anyhoo, I love this song in all of its justice and glory. The video is nice too. Go Little River Band GO!

I recommend listening to it 7 times in a row.

Also, the ride with Nancy and Shim on Saturday was fun.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So, like, with all the Kidney Stones and thesis writing, I just haven't been riding that much. That doesn't mean that I can't spend a lot of time going through my back catalogue of music and remembering how awesome music was when I was a teenager. If you are any where near thirty you will have to agree, we had it good. By the time we were buying our first "cassingles" and the CD was still a crazy new format for the super rich David Lee Roth was practically dead and people started getting serious about their heavy metal and grunge killed cocaine and Trans Ams and validated sadness as a real part of the human condition. No more lipstick so to speak.

Any way I think its funny that we will kick around the irony of the open shirts of saxophone soloists in the eighties and the ripping powder fueled organ solos of the seventies but no one is willing to look back and laugh at the music that made us. I'm not sure if this isn't because enough time hasn't passed or if there is just something a little too raw there. (We laugh at C+C Music Factory right?)

Anyway I took my first long ride in a while and listened to Metallica's Black Album the whole time on repeat. I love it. I love it without irony and that feels so bad ass.