Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lucky 13

The photos here pretty much sum up the day. We had (once again) perfect weather and a good crew of BUnnyhawKS to roll out with. We had a bit of a slow start because of wardrobemalfunctions and the need for an emergency tire replacement (two actually but one was much later). We then showed some buNnyHawks from out of town how to go from Seattle to Los Angeles on a bike in just twenty minutes. We had a fine time by the sea getting sunburns and eating hangbergers and getting seaweed spa treatments (or as Domino says "spaz treatments") Drank some beer and met up with the "Bicycle Belles". Three stops three performances on their south end tour. God I love following the top acts while they are at the peak of their talent but not yet at the peak of their popularity. We all got busted for trespassing in a secure area (Me for the fiocwakows). We of course ended up in Georgetown at Gateway park for more burgers (Thanks DBB,BBQ Josh) some more beers (Thanks Bicycle Belles) and more fiocwakows (Thanks Suquamish tribe.) Anna's chest may newer be the same. (Just for the record it was her idea. She insisted. Oh yeah, Domino shot one out of his face.) The whole day was effing perfect! The Gods of luck are pleased.


  1. looks like you guys had an epic day. we did a little bunnyhawkin ourselves down here in san fran, but no fiocwakows.

  2. This looks so amazing and fun. I'm trying to get good pictures here in Tokyo but it is hard since I'm riding alone.

    PS: BunNYHAWks are international.