Friday, June 26, 2009


STP comming up. We will not register for this ride. We will not NOT use any of the support services. We will not NOT eat their food and drink their beer. We will not NOT use their water stations and road closures and other safety stuff. We will not NOT have more fun than them.

Check the calendar. Check the Radardar. Check the weathar.

The best part is that the following Monday is Lucky 13. In case you forgot you swore a blood oath to ride every one of these rain or shine, bleeding asstaint or not. You pass on the 13 you curse us forever. The gods smile on the BunnYHawkS. Don't fv(k this up by being a normal human with normal human needs like rest and health and sh*t.

1 comment:

  1. YEAH!!!!!!! I was just thinking about how 'lucky 13' is the next day. I can't wait to slay my out-of-biking-shape ass on Stone Temple Pilots and then turn around and do some lucky 13 action.

    ride or die.