Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So, like, with all the Kidney Stones and thesis writing, I just haven't been riding that much. That doesn't mean that I can't spend a lot of time going through my back catalogue of music and remembering how awesome music was when I was a teenager. If you are any where near thirty you will have to agree, we had it good. By the time we were buying our first "cassingles" and the CD was still a crazy new format for the super rich David Lee Roth was practically dead and people started getting serious about their heavy metal and grunge killed cocaine and Trans Ams and validated sadness as a real part of the human condition. No more lipstick so to speak.

Any way I think its funny that we will kick around the irony of the open shirts of saxophone soloists in the eighties and the ripping powder fueled organ solos of the seventies but no one is willing to look back and laugh at the music that made us. I'm not sure if this isn't because enough time hasn't passed or if there is just something a little too raw there. (We laugh at C+C Music Factory right?)

Anyway I took my first long ride in a while and listened to Metallica's Black Album the whole time on repeat. I love it. I love it without irony and that feels so bad ass.

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