Friday, February 27, 2009

Efeste winery

We must go to effing effffffffeste effers. For real.


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Yes we can.

Thursday Ride with Justin

Last night was cold as all get out.  Even with that being the case Justin and I went on a little ride from Gasworks to Ballard.  It wasn't far - but we picked up the pace and rode.

Mini adventures are sometimes the best.  We stopped in for a drink at Kings and had a good heart to heart.  I'm happy to know that bikes can bring folks together.

- keep riding

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Official, people.

We have received word that Bunnyhawk Shalene has indeed approved a post-ride meeting of celebration in honor of her birthday. AND, she'll even be here to help you along. So save some energy on your ride to the winecountry, and head on over to bunnyhawk hq wallingford after. email for address and directions, or just ask Justin H. Peace. Love. Gymnastics.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

back in the days when i was a teenager when i didn't have status and i didn't have a pager.

Thrilly Hilly from Dominic Henning on Vimeo.

Ride to Win(e)!

Woodinville... A ride in to history.

Woodinville has a past yes, but it also has a future. A future with you in it. Join the BunnyHawks as we mount up and "Ride to Win(e)"

We will be traveling along the beautiful Burke Gillman and Sammamish river trails rain or shine to get a glimpse of what our glorious sister suberb has to offer.

Woodinville has a world class "Win(e) Village".

They also have an "internationaly recognized" women's gymnastics team.

They also have the "deep hole of mysteries".....Spooky!

This is an adventure you won't want to miss. We will depart from Gas Works Park as it is right on the BGT and travel to Woodinville by bicycle, duh, where we will partake in all of the wine tours we can handle...... like, I think there are two. I suppose we could hit the Redhook if we are hard up for more free booze. I'll research "the hole" and see if we can see that too.

After party TBA. Sunday is BunnYHawK Shalene's Birthday. Its up in the air with regards to her being in town or not. If she is, keep your helmets on we are going big.

In short:

Who: Evrybdy
What: Ride to Win(e)
When: Saturday Feb. 28th, 11:00am
Where: Ride starts at GWP and goes to Woodinville and back
Why: Wine teams and mystery villages and gymnastics holes rule!

Monday, February 23, 2009


33 miles, NOT 33 dollars!!! All thrilly, no chilli. 2600 ft elevation, 2 hours, 1 gear, 0 brakes, and 0 feet down. Brandon, monica and dominic LIVE from the thrilly hilly party boat! Headed to honney hole for post game wrap up. We'll name the MVP there. Photos to come.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tacoma Screw

No, not that sweet hardware store, there's a weekly ride gettin' goin' in Tacoma:

Gritty City 253

The Bunnyhawks Seattle Chapter should shred down south and support the Puget Sound bike scene. We Help Each Other. Plans are in the making, as we speak.

If you're lookin at some open Sundays, RIDE YOUR BIKE! We can ride Seattle-to-Tacoma (STT) or for those not into massive mileage you could take the train down.

Post to comments if you're down with that at some point in the future.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Black Hole

Dear Karl,

A good comfy saddle is not something you should skip on.  You will be riding around on your tushy for hours - so it is very important that you are comfortable.  During these long hours your pants especially in the crotch and the butt will get a lot of wear and tear due to the friction and leg-pumping-action (LPA).  Check for small holes often - before you know it they get bigger and bigger...

If you catch it in time, a tube patch kit might save your pants from turmoil.

Much Love,

THRILLY HILLY | Feb. 22 (This Sunday)

Here it is. This Sunday. We meet ON THE FERRY in the back so we can blow kissies to our beloved Seattle in the RAIN as we depart for the much sought after Bainbridge Island. 33 miles of twisted roads and 'chafted chodes. 2600 feet of elevation and at the end, a celebration. But this is NOT 'Chilly Hilly.' Nor is it the 'Big Fucking Hills Race.' This is THRILLY HILLY, where we just effing ride.

Who: I, U, He, She, together.
What: Thrilly Hilly
What NOT: Chilly Hilly, BFHR, chilli feed, $33, prizes, etc.
Where: Back of the 7:55 Ferry headed toward Bainbridge. I will be getting there early to secure my ticket... you might want to as well.
When: Sunday, February 22, 2009 7:55 am
Why: to effing ride.

My phone number is 503 998 4482. My e-mail is

Get in touch and listen to born against!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So Snorky and I woke up expecting to climb up and then ski down a mountain this morning but neither of us felt like it. Then I remembered that Slappy Left his Cooper here in Carbondale and had asked me, if I had the time, could I deliver it from its temporary housing to the GearExchange in Glenwood springs 13 (lucky) miles away. No Big Deal. So we dusted off my cousin Suzanne's Bianchi and I found some pedals and a saddle for the Cooper on Snorkeys Gary Fischer and pretty soon "BAM" we had a couple of bikes to truck ass down valley.

Lets just say that the sun was shining a light breeze (headwind) was blowing and we had a plan.

The boyz at the GearX are so nice and genuinely stoked about working in a bike shop that red carpet treatment and free use of all their tools and mini donuts and roachy old parts that for the price of a twelve pack of beer we were able to ship a bike to Brooklyn (where Slappy lives, see Brooklyn slide show), full tune and true for the Bianchi and...AND built a brand new slightly used Polo bike for Snorkey. NO SHIT! one twelve pack.

Kendal owns the place, he is seated on the green swing bike holding a tennis raquet in the slide show. THANKS AGAIN BOYZ!!!!! Slappy your bike is on the way!

Bike Swap...

Every so often I have money.  When I hold money it reminds me that I'm a honky-rich cracker who has to get rid of that stuff pronto.  Please join me this Saturday as I venture over to the bike swap at Magnuson Park's Hangar #30 to rid my life of that green stuff in exchange for two-wheeled componentry.  It's free after 1pm, so that's when I'll probably head down, but I'm not opposed to rolling earlier.  

We can snag lunch at the Grateful Bread before or after and compare recent bruises, sprains and/or contusions.  440-223-6886 or hit ye ol email

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad Transmission Baby

Dear Justin,

We forgot to mention that when you are trying to kill it on an old Raleigh with a Sturmey Archer hub from 1964 that has never seen a day of service and you are cold, cold rolling with a front basket full of Coors sixteens, pre mixed white russians and a sack of hand made tortillas from the carneceria and the transmission decides to crap out on you and your feet slide off both pedals and your face goes over the bars, you will be unable to stop the bike as you slide on your elbows and the beers go flying all over.

Don't worry though you can shotgun the beers that rupture to ease the pain. Colorado is awesome!

Yours truly,


Sunday, February 15, 2009

ice, ice, baby

Dear Dominic,

Welcome to the exciting world of riding your bike to work. Here is one thing that you might want to consider. Ice is slippery. We know that you are used to riding from around 8:00am to 3:00am, but something happens in those wee hours of the morning. H2O freezes and makes those little painted lines on the road a little more hard to maneuver.

We hope that this doesn't curb your appetite to ride to work.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Seattle Bike Directory


The SBD is a resource of bike photos and information about each bike. These photos are used in the event that a bike is stolen or lost in Seattle. Seattle Bike Directory is open to anyone living in Seattle, and wants to post pictures of their bike.


Future Tense - Friday & Race of Shame - Sunday

There are two really good bike events this weekend.  Tomorrow night is Future Tense which is the second Friday of every month.  Meet at Cal Anderson at 6:30 pm.  

The second is the Race of Shame which is on Sunday the 15th.  This is going to be a lot of fun. The prizes are looking great- And there will be a 7pm FREE showing of Council of Doom as well as some film shorts that recently played at the NYC Bike Film Short Fest. You should really be there.

If you don’t know where the I-5 Colonnade is yet (the Monument Race started there, as well as the ill-fated Christmas Race) here is a map:

As the flyer says: Bring a bag, a lock, a pen (or other writing utensil)

The Council of Doom Screening and Film Shorts will be at the Boxcar Alehouse, which is all ages until 11pm. The screening will start at 7pm. The Boxcar serves food and drink, and has lots of bike parking. Here is a map:

Thursday Night Thunder

Cold Rolling. Stone Cold Rolling. Ryan Hosts this ride on Thursdays. Its a fast paced social ride from what I understand. That means NO DROPS*.

I'll be there. You should think about it for, like, six seconds and than steel your resolve and show up too.

Check out ECBB here.

Meet at Gas Works Park. Six thirty post meridian.
Go on sweet ride.

*(AKA you wont get left behind. People are nice and they will wait for you.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Track Drops

So this is a photo of a Bridgestone T700 from the last year they were in production. Obviously a touring bike rarely comes stock with track drop outs especially a touring bike from 1988. Well... I had been running this frame as a fixed gear since about 2004 and had already cut off the d-hanger. So really there was no going back but... I never felt like the bike was complete.

Then I met Chris Boedeker. Then Chris took a battery of frame building courses. Then Chris and I drank some beer while he installed some new track drops on the "Bridgie" and it became a "Boedie"*.

(It was a good thing too because the original Tange drop on the drive side of the bike was cracked almost all the way through. Chris probably saved my life.)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Contribution

By the time we reached Golden Gardens, I was freezing in my wool shirt, jacket, and furry parka Anna brought, yet Justin thought it would be a good time to shed some layers. We then discovered that he had been wearing bibs.

Very sexy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Beard and Stache

So Karl and I entered the Beard and Stache Dash yesterday and for a couple of guys who weren't expecting much, we kicked some serious ass. Its hard to judge placement in these sorts of races because so much is dependent on points and time is not usually a factor past third place at any given check point so... Anyway it gets complicated but, we were told by the race officials that we were in the top ten out of almost 70 contenders. Approximately ten of which were mopeds and we beat most of them. If you subtract the mechanized contenders and figure we had an above average amount of points (which we did) and that you had to get a tattoo to get a huge percentage of the points available (which first and second place did) [Correction: actually, this is a lie. See comment below by Amy] and then understand that the four guys that finished as a pack ahead of us only beat us by 30 seconds or so....

I think its safe to say if we weren't entirely triumphant we were certainly exultant. I would race again with Karl any day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

February "55"

BunnYHawkS Go the distance. We all know this. But this weekend they "Went the distance" turning what was supposed to be a tranquil ride around the neighborhood in to a half century trial by fun! That's right the "Majestic Mountains and Waterfront Vistas" turned in to a 55 mile frenzy of health. This will no doubt become a strong mid-winter tradition to be repeated again and again. HUGE congrats to those that stuck it out until the end and were able to toast the sun setting on an epic day. Unbeleivable. The reason we ride bikes.

I'm not in to shame as a motivator, but, you really should be sorry if you missed this one.
(Don't worry there is always next time.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kerry and Felix’ bikes stolen! We make posse!

This is a repost from Kerry:

Our bikes were stolen at about 7:30 pm Fri 2/6 in front of the Ballard Goodwill. My bike is a silver Marin track bike (50cm) with a black stickered spengel tri-spoke in front. It had drop bars wrapped in blue, and the downtube and toptube were wrapped in flourescent yellow duct tape. Felix’s bike was pink, about 60cm, with custom paintings all over. It had pink powdercoated handlebars and seatpost. The wheels were black deep vs with pink iro hubs. the wheels were wrapped in pink and yellow duct tape. PLEASE if you see anything on craigslist that matches this description, or see them around town PLEASE call the Seattle Police, the case number is 2009-045823. the phone # is 206-684-0850. thanks

Kerry and Felix

You can also contact, and I can forward info to Kerry/police

Thanks for keeping your eyes out-

Justin and Stephan also had their bikes jacked- more info, pictures to come.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Majestic Mountains, Waterfront Vistas

"From the bactrian heights of Magnolia Hill, to the rakish bore of the Duwamish River, to the claret shores of Lake Washington and the polonious eschew of sunset over Puget Sound we will call out! Be proud ye blusterous yeoman of the northwest. Relish, revel and remonstrate in the grand sweep and swell of our parsimonious and stentorian region."

-Chester Kamaloomps 1864

Saturday 11:00 Lenin Statue Freemont. Champagne Sunset at Golden Gardens for those who finish.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I found this over here. Not my work. It is fitting with the whole Darwin birthday thing next week.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We all know that Obama is doing his best in these dire economic times, but that really doesn't help out the fact that there are some cool rides happening this year that cost a lot. And I don't think that bicycle ride reimbursements are on the breakout of the stimulus package. To top it all off... these effing rides are selling out before they go on sale to the general public.

So what is the solution?

We just effing ride.

I would like to try to organize some sort of room and board during the following rides.

  • Feb. 22 - Chilly Hilly - Bainbridge Island (no room and board required, but a trial of a non-payment ride) (or check these guys out)
  • Jul. 11 - STP - Seattle to Portland
  • Aug. 14 - RSVP - Ride from Seattle to Vancouver (BC) and Party! [sold out anyway]
  • Oct 4. - Kitsap Color Classic

What do you think? The savings are in the BAG. I sent this to some folks on some stupid effing e-mail chain, but if you are interested, E-MAIL me. Also, forward it to people you might think are interested. I will then make a master list of people that wanna ride fo' free fo'-de-FREE.

Black metal 'til i die,

Dominic Henning
503 998 4482
in your face
So...This Saturday the bunnyHawks are going to bunnyhawk around. The theme so aptly selected by Erica will be "Majestic Mountains and Waterfront Vistas". It was going to be a ride to the Winery in Woodinville but then we all remembered that we were trying not to drink until March. Or at least one of us was trying not to drink until March and the rest of us thought it might not be a bad idea to try to not drink a little bit too. So we thought a few hills and a few more miles than we would normally do while drinking and stopping and stopping to drink might fill the void left by drinking after we decided not to drink. (We might drink a little though.)

So there it is. We will meet up. We will ride. People should come. All are welcome. The route will remain a secret until we start riding. Expect surprises. Email Justin with questions.

Who: All BunnYHawkS
What: "Majestic Mountains and Waterfront Vistas"
When: Saturday 2/7- 11:00am
Where: Lenin Statue Freemont.
How: ON BIKES!! (of course)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I know that putting up two posts in one day is a bit OCD but I have been behind lately. I also thought it was important to mention that the man to your left has entered the last year of his twenties. This is a significant age that can produce much anxiety in a person. It signifies the end of our protracted western adolescence and the beginning of an age of stalwart responsibility. Babies cease to smell so strange and disgusting, houses look less like financial prison and the word "marriage" takes on a heart warming, proud sorta, feeling. It takes a strong man to face these challenges and rise to the occasion. I think we should all take a moment to recognize Greg for his efforts. After all he managed to stay upright the whole time we were at his party and we bunnYhaWkS stay up late!!!

Thanks for the great time buddy! It was the perfect amount of weird and the snacks were awesome!
Happy Birthday!

(Special thanks to C,S,F+JP for
bakin'/makin' - helpin'/hostin' )

Local Man Goes Down

So the tee-shirt project is on hold because Blaise is in New Zealand. Frankly I would have gone to New Zealand myself if I had known before hand that they were staging the annual mid summer Tour du Zealand. Pictured is last years "All Naked Women's Division" which as far as I can tell through the Internet "research" I have been doing is the only division. Seems like people will be lining the streets to catch a glimpse of their favorite rider as they pass through the many small hamlets and grand cities of the south pacific version of Washington. (NZ is one of a few places on the globe that has temperate rain forest. They also have glaciers and huge ferns.) I was going to label this post under the heading of "Profanity" but decided against it as I think this post more closely resembles "journalism" and deserves a true headline.