Thursday, February 19, 2009


So Snorky and I woke up expecting to climb up and then ski down a mountain this morning but neither of us felt like it. Then I remembered that Slappy Left his Cooper here in Carbondale and had asked me, if I had the time, could I deliver it from its temporary housing to the GearExchange in Glenwood springs 13 (lucky) miles away. No Big Deal. So we dusted off my cousin Suzanne's Bianchi and I found some pedals and a saddle for the Cooper on Snorkeys Gary Fischer and pretty soon "BAM" we had a couple of bikes to truck ass down valley.

Lets just say that the sun was shining a light breeze (headwind) was blowing and we had a plan.

The boyz at the GearX are so nice and genuinely stoked about working in a bike shop that red carpet treatment and free use of all their tools and mini donuts and roachy old parts that for the price of a twelve pack of beer we were able to ship a bike to Brooklyn (where Slappy lives, see Brooklyn slide show), full tune and true for the Bianchi and...AND built a brand new slightly used Polo bike for Snorkey. NO SHIT! one twelve pack.

Kendal owns the place, he is seated on the green swing bike holding a tennis raquet in the slide show. THANKS AGAIN BOYZ!!!!! Slappy your bike is on the way!

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