Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So...This Saturday the bunnyHawks are going to bunnyhawk around. The theme so aptly selected by Erica will be "Majestic Mountains and Waterfront Vistas". It was going to be a ride to the Winery in Woodinville but then we all remembered that we were trying not to drink until March. Or at least one of us was trying not to drink until March and the rest of us thought it might not be a bad idea to try to not drink a little bit too. So we thought a few hills and a few more miles than we would normally do while drinking and stopping and stopping to drink might fill the void left by drinking after we decided not to drink. (We might drink a little though.)

So there it is. We will meet up. We will ride. People should come. All are welcome. The route will remain a secret until we start riding. Expect surprises. Email Justin with questions.

Who: All BunnYHawkS
What: "Majestic Mountains and Waterfront Vistas"
When: Saturday 2/7- 11:00am
Where: Lenin Statue Freemont.
How: ON BIKES!! (of course)


  1. not sure i'll make it this weekend, but if i get a free moment I'll haul ass to where ever you guys are on the undisclosed route!