Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ride to Win(e)!

Woodinville... A ride in to history.

Woodinville has a past yes, but it also has a future. A future with you in it. Join the BunnyHawks as we mount up and "Ride to Win(e)"

We will be traveling along the beautiful Burke Gillman and Sammamish river trails rain or shine to get a glimpse of what our glorious sister suberb has to offer.

Woodinville has a world class "Win(e) Village".

They also have an "internationaly recognized" women's gymnastics team.

They also have the "deep hole of mysteries".....Spooky!

This is an adventure you won't want to miss. We will depart from Gas Works Park as it is right on the BGT and travel to Woodinville by bicycle, duh, where we will partake in all of the wine tours we can handle...... like, I think there are two. I suppose we could hit the Redhook if we are hard up for more free booze. I'll research "the hole" and see if we can see that too.

After party TBA. Sunday is BunnYHawK Shalene's Birthday. Its up in the air with regards to her being in town or not. If she is, keep your helmets on we are going big.

In short:

Who: Evrybdy
What: Ride to Win(e)
When: Saturday Feb. 28th, 11:00am
Where: Ride starts at GWP and goes to Woodinville and back
Why: Wine teams and mystery villages and gymnastics holes rule!

1 comment:

  1. Although a little creeped out by the gymnastics team, I'm STOKED to ride out to some wineries. Might be the most sophisticated thing I've done this year. or ever.

    PS - I think the winery tastings cost like $5 each or something else. not a ton, but also not 'free booze'. fyi. bring $$$