Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We all know that Obama is doing his best in these dire economic times, but that really doesn't help out the fact that there are some cool rides happening this year that cost a lot. And I don't think that bicycle ride reimbursements are on the breakout of the stimulus package. To top it all off... these effing rides are selling out before they go on sale to the general public.

So what is the solution?

We just effing ride.

I would like to try to organize some sort of room and board during the following rides.

  • Feb. 22 - Chilly Hilly - Bainbridge Island (no room and board required, but a trial of a non-payment ride) (or check these guys out)
  • Jul. 11 - STP - Seattle to Portland
  • Aug. 14 - RSVP - Ride from Seattle to Vancouver (BC) and Party! [sold out anyway]
  • Oct 4. - Kitsap Color Classic

What do you think? The savings are in the BAG. I sent this to some folks on some stupid effing e-mail chain, but if you are interested, E-MAIL me. Also, forward it to people you might think are interested. I will then make a master list of people that wanna ride fo' free fo'-de-FREE.

Black metal 'til i die,

Dominic Henning
503 998 4482
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  1. DUH, I'm totally in! For all of it. Can't wait for trial free ride Feb 22nd.