Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holy Shit

I'm in the chair right now. I never thought this could be happening to
me. Thanks Burglar!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

INfield vs. GraNdsTand

Come see real live Kentuckians in their natural state - rootin' and hollerin', drinkin', dancin', and eatin' fried careful, though: they're contagious!

Who: Anyone and everyone
What: Kentucky Derby Party
Where: 1738 S. Pearl St. Seattle WA 98108
When: May 2, 2009 12:30 drinkin' begins 3:00 ponies run
Why: Why the hell not
How: We ride horses?!?!

And don't forget to dress appropriately! Your choice, of course, if you wanna dress for the grandstand (fiiiiiine lookin', to the nines) or for the infield (more skin than clothes, ready to get sunburned and dirty). Either way, though, don't forget your Derby hat - the more homemade, the better!

call if you need help from a real live Kentucky native

Monday, April 27, 2009

Trail Blazin' II

So we also had our first mid flight recruitment. Funny because we have been trying to get this guy to roll out with us like since, FOREVER! He just happened to be one beer stop worth of time behind us and when we stopped (for the beer stop) there he was like a vision. (Pictured at right in a photo from The Snowpocalypse.)

He was hauling the long way to Lake City and we cold drafted him off the street. Which made for an interesting few miles to follow as this guy is a bag of hammers drilled off the front. Seriously, he is fast. (He is also my favorite service department manager of all time.) Everyone hates him for being so in shape. They hated me for trying to keep up. He hated me for hating him for keeping up and hating them for hating me for keeping up with him. (Huh?)

Anyhow he was on a mission that didn't involve booze until later so we got latered and drank a beer without him at the top of the first hill.

We gave him a tee- shirt (First Edition Blaise Curry Reprint).

He told me today he wore it to bed that night.

I thought that was about the nicest thing I had ever heard.

BunnyHawking makes me happy that it makes people happy.

Trail Blazin'

There it is, photo evidence. Notice that the speedometer is indicating that we are still indeed moving while the odometer indicates this is the exact moment we reached 50 miles.

These were hard earned. It was cool to hear about everyones private experience in the pain cave. Juanita was a long lonesome road that ended (finally) with a snack throwdown at an anonymous Shell station (V-Power is the best gas ever!)

Things got a little blurry after LogBoom. Got Blurryer and Blurrriyer at Gregs place after. (Charlotte makes great "hand pies". I took an extra home for breakfast.)

We had too many buNnyHawks on the injured list but just enough to ROLL1! OUT1!

Thanks ExtraTuff for filling the ranks for an all out assault.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pure Inspiration.

Burglar Sent this as an email. Something about his firewall at work wont let him post. Or maybe he was waiting for Dominic to make one of these for the BunnYHawKS. I'm not sure. Anyway I try not to clog this blog with forwarded videos but I thought this one fell in to the category of Pure Inspiration.

I suppose the topic of global warming is featured in the song. BunnYhawkiN stops global warming right?

Friday, April 24, 2009


Here's one for the ladies. Notice that there is actually some informative content here. I'm sure that quite like most women will "choose" a "partner" based on intelligence as well as good looks I decided that a profanity post geared to the female subscribership of this blog should provide a context that was intellectually engaging as well as viscerally stimulating. Sort of like the ideal boyfriend of posts.

You may also want to note that the data so deftly "visualized" here suggests men will be getting hotter and hotter as they purchase more and more bikes, spend more and more time getting fit while riding them and spend less and less time eating Wendy's while driving their middle of the road white persons economy sedans with superfluous spoilers (See post from 4/16) to their "I forgot I had a body that was a glorious gift from the master of the universe" desk jobs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Me likey

Ohhhhhhhh I am so happy the format went from watermelon bubble yum to a classy black. You know black is way more slimming and that blog needed it.

thanks for making me happy

Blaze a Trail with Blaise

That's right! In the full out onslought of riding that has been the Tour de Avril we will be finishing out the month with a throw down and hoedown tour of the north end of Lake Washington. Like the pioneers of old we will steel ourselves against the fickle elements and brave Indian attack to discover new territory.

Our fearless muleskinnin' guide Blaise will help us screw our courage to the sticking place and stand together in the harsh and untamed lands of Mercer Island and Lake Forest Park. (Figure fifty miles for this one).

Who: Bunnyhawks
What: Blaze a trail with Blaise.
When: This Saturday April 25th
Where: Gas Works Park 11:00 am.
How: On bikes Duh!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

100 miles for Wilford Brimley

So... I am doing this Tour de Cure thing on May 16th. 100 miles for the American Diabetes Association. It starts in Redmond (Marymoor Park), and you can do 15, 20, 45, 70, and 100 miles. You do have to raise $150 dollars and to enter it is $35, but if you register with the code "TOUR 2009" in the promo code area, it is only $15 dollars.

Link for more information

Email me if you wanna do this too. Your efforts make a difference to the more than 23 million Americans who suffer from diabetes (and that includes Wilford Brimley) and over 57 million people with pre diabetes.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

kids won't follow what you're saying, we can't hear

Tacoma Bowlin, !nvasion Ride, Seattle-Tacoma-Seattle from Brandon Crook on Vimeo.

street ridin'

we need to start practicing, this guy is awesome

if you're not into the song in that video, do what I did:

start the bike video to get it going, then MUTE IT, and play this song in a separate window/tab. (note, bike video is longer than the song)


Brooklyn To Cloister

So there was no hairy man pouring booze in to my mouth yesterday.  However, I did represent the bUNNyHawKS well and rode my little heart across town.  So I rode in spirit, and I rode with a three hour advantage.  14.7 miles one way to the north Bronx to check out the Cloister park and museum.  It was grand, the weather was grand, the cars I yelled for cutting us off was grand, the taxi that bummed in to the back of my tire as I was track standing at a red light was not so grand... but I did not fall and that was grand.  Jodi being an amazing champ on her cruiser the entire way was grand.  And lastly, the cab that swung out in the bike lane to cut me off - as I rode past narrowly and punched the hood like Balrog was grand.  New York makes you an aggressive cyclist.  

Some Notes:
* Barely any cyclist I saw here stops for red lights, cops don't even care if they see it
* One way streets are apparently not one way for cyclist
* Anything goes on a bike?

* Riding downtown with intense traffic
* Riding brakeless the entire time (I'm super proud of this)
* Getting to see more of the city instead of the subway's view

Mouth Mimosa!

Orange juice - $1.99

Chateau St. Michelle sparkling wine - 10.99

Having a hairy beast of a man pour both all over your face in a drunken frenzy of bicycles, pork sandwiches and sea water...Priceless!

...Don't you forget it!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


First, I would like to apologize to the ladies. I know when you see this you just roll your eyes and think "what a baby" but... In the darkest morsels of everyone's brain/body this stuff sort of has to happen. Its inevitable. Its chemistry or ancestral memory, or both.

I was reading this article about how predators are uniquely able to identify figure against ground despite the fact that the color may be similar for both. Blame evolution for this sort of thing. Basically if your eyes face forward, you are susceptible to the suggestive image.

Snail erotica would be published in slime and smell. This has to beat that.

See you all tomorrow!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Young Hawks, Be Free Tonight

we got just one shot at life, let's take while we're still not afraid

Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's official I'm mobile too. Si se puede!
(Spanish for "Sure, why not?".)

New Look!

Leave a comment. Do you like? No? Explain!


So this has been tucked away under the friends section for some time now. If you have seen it, awesome. You are a BunnYHawK detective. If not, it is time to bring this to the front. I strongly suggest opening this at work and seeing how long it takes for someone to ask what the hell you are doing.

Click the Pic!

BunntHawk Goes To Brooklyn

Sorry friends, I will not be around this weekend for some sweet BunnyHawk riding - I left the home for a short time to go on an adventure.

I'll be reporting, so stay tune from east coast posts!

PS: I liked this little guy below, and he likes us.


This guy wrote an article about how bikes need to be less "bikey/car-y" and more "walkey" or something. Honestly I don't know really what his point was other than to say this guy loves/hates Armstrong so bad that he has, to the point of psychosis mentioned Mellow Johnny about fifty thousand times. Read the article. Then read the reply I sent to him below.

Mr Coleman,

So, I'm not going to take a moral/environmental high road here on the bike issue so deftly outlined in your posting on I'll just say this. Do some research about your local ordinances and I think you will find that bicycles are considered vehicles and while there are stipulations that suggest cyclists use the shoulder, they are allowed to pretty much occupy any part of the roadway if they feel the shoulder to be unsafe or if they are turning. We are also allowed by law to ride two abreast and carry stuff in our arms while riding. Not to mention that pedestrians have the right to occupy any part of the side walk without fear of being hit by cyclists just as cyclists have the right to occupy any part of the roadway with out fear of being hit by an automobile. End of story.

That being said fuck you. We pay our transportation taxes too. Frankly I'll ride wherever I want and break any laws that I want and not give a fuck about your gay cell phone or your inability to just chill the fuck out before you go speeding off across established lanes of traffic to the next red light. The fact of the matter is that you are right. The roads are a veritable meat grinder and we have the balls to ride unshielded in the calm center of a hurricane of life ending speed and metal and you and your pussy attitude and your pulpy face made of Wendy's burgers and body made of baby girls can do nothing about it except complain with your whiny wimpy butt hole of a mouth.

I'm glad I know what kind of car you drive so I can lean on it the next time I see you at a stop and skitch off your wheel wells or superfluous spoiler when that shit turns green. Bottom line we don't care what you think while your mind and body turn to mush in your totally middle of the road white person's economy sedan.

Hit me back if you still fail to understand.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Back by Popular Demand

I guess not everyone reads their email.

So here it is again.

Get ready...

Get set...


Thursday, April 9, 2009

iNVASiON Opening Tonight

Opening is TONIGHT! Be there, because it's going to be super wicked awesome. No joke...

OPENING PARTY: Thursday, April 9th
During the West Seattle Art Walk, 6 to 9 PM.
-CLOSES: May 7th 2009
-WHERE: Twilight in the Junction, 4306 SW Alaska St
-MORE: Vino and cupcakes

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tacoma Dome!!! Sunday Sunday SUNday!!!

Dear Mr. Sun,
Please ride the gritty city ride this SUNday.
The BunnyHawKs

Sam(imal) in Alaska

Sam(imal). I think it is appropriate for bunnies and hawks. Other than that, I can't wait to screw Tacoma on Sunday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tacoma Screw!!1!!1!

Okay, previously I wrote some jibber-jabber about riding to Tacoma for Gritty City Sundays. Well $hit is on. We're riding down there, leaving here at 10am on Sunday from Pioneer Square, Gritty City Ridin' at 2:30pm from Wright Park in Tacoma, and riding our ass back in a sunset of justice and glory.

By the time we ride down there (~40 miles), back (~40 miles), do the Gritty City Sunday ride (? miles), we should hit a GD century. If we hit 98 miles I'm riding my bike around Seattle until I get to 100.

If you're interested doing, say... HALF of that, it looks like a lovely Amtrak train will take you back for $13. I think the bus works too.

Tacoma Screw!!!!
When: Sunday April 5th, 10:00am
Where: Occidental Park
What: Ridin' dirty
Why: We Help Each Other
How: On bikes, duh
Who: Bunnyhawks!

It'll be SWAWESOME (so awesome). You'll tell your grandkids about this day.

My contact info:
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