Friday, April 24, 2009


Here's one for the ladies. Notice that there is actually some informative content here. I'm sure that quite like most women will "choose" a "partner" based on intelligence as well as good looks I decided that a profanity post geared to the female subscribership of this blog should provide a context that was intellectually engaging as well as viscerally stimulating. Sort of like the ideal boyfriend of posts.

You may also want to note that the data so deftly "visualized" here suggests men will be getting hotter and hotter as they purchase more and more bikes, spend more and more time getting fit while riding them and spend less and less time eating Wendy's while driving their middle of the road white persons economy sedans with superfluous spoilers (See post from 4/16) to their "I forgot I had a body that was a glorious gift from the master of the universe" desk jobs.

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