Tuesday, April 21, 2009

100 miles for Wilford Brimley

So... I am doing this Tour de Cure thing on May 16th. 100 miles for the American Diabetes Association. It starts in Redmond (Marymoor Park), and you can do 15, 20, 45, 70, and 100 miles. You do have to raise $150 dollars and to enter it is $35, but if you register with the code "TOUR 2009" in the promo code area, it is only $15 dollars.

Link for more information

Email me if you wanna do this too. Your efforts make a difference to the more than 23 million Americans who suffer from diabetes (and that includes Wilford Brimley) and over 57 million people with pre diabetes.


  1. i wasn't really interested until I saw the Wilford Brimley Diabetes Dance Mix.

    I'm in. Let's ride 100 miles.

  2. But, I'm probably in for the ride.

  3. If by tastless you mean Truly Catchy and hard-to-stop-watching, then I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU.