Sunday, April 19, 2009

street ridin'

we need to start practicing, this guy is awesome

if you're not into the song in that video, do what I did:

start the bike video to get it going, then MUTE IT, and play this song in a separate window/tab. (note, bike video is longer than the song)



  1. Technical correction from the East Coast Extension Office: The Cloisters Museum is in northern Manhattan, not the Bronx. Maybe we'll bump into you in town! Are you going to do the Tour de Brooklyn?

  2. Oops. Obviously I meant the above to go with your post about riding NYC, sorry 'bout that (I'll blame the new format, even tho' I did it just cuz I'm a dumass. Anyways, this video is freakin unbelievable.

  3. The Thin Lizzy is just so much better. I watched it both ways and...

  4. i'll take the LIZ any day of the week. and i'll keep watching that video everyday of this week.