Sunday, March 29, 2009

Videos, Bikes & Art

Sneak Peak Promo Video - Flier For Bike Ride To iNVASiON more to come soon!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


A gentleman requires a bicycle that fits his dapper personality.

Could this bike be more "black tie"?

Thanks for the party Stace! Happy Birthday!

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Whip!

These are some of the raw materials being turned in to a fork for my new custom whip. I'm hoping to ride it StP and back. Its gonna be a big rig touring/commuting, hard stomping, bunnyhawking road warior. and I'm gonna ride it till I die. I'm hoping this will be the last bike I ever buy. That's the plan anyway. It will be burly enough to break a bottle of champagne (Proseco actually) over during the naming ceremony.

You can see more photos at:

Chris has been great and his prices are unbeatable. They won't be low forever. If you want a custom whip strike while the CroMo is hot!


In case you missed the memo.....

Who: Everybody
What: The Week After Easter Ride.
When: April 18th, 11:00am
Where: Cal Anderson Park, at the fountain.
Why: SPRING!!!
How: On bikes (DuH)

This is a Public Ride tell everyone you know!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's sunny out! Couldn't we ride?

Go for a bike ride. This is pretty much what it's like on a Black Thursday Ride. Meet at Gasworks park at 6:30 to make it happen.

Check the bottom of the page!

We now have a calendar of events. Its public. If you want Pac-Man back I can put it below.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Who vants a mustache ride?? I do! I do!

On April the 1st a Weds eve forfawksake, there will be a small group of Bunnyhawks and others converging on the "hill" as I've heard it called. 1/2 Wednesday night pub crawl (what a great idea), 1/2 mustachio contest, 1/3 bunnyhawk ride. Those who work at Recycled Cycles or near there will leave the shop sometime after 8pm, to be at The Stumbling Monk by 9:00 PM. From there, the ride will be directed by a rider vote, with the best mustache getting tiebreaking duties. Best mustache gets a beer at each stop. We'll see how many stops we actually do. I'm making this up for James the future Bunnyhawk, so if any details are incorrect, they will be rectified directly.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

you too can have los dos guapos deliver it hot & fresh to your sweet shop door. just send up the bunnyhawk sign and be naked no more.


This video contains the following adult themes:

-Strong language
-The use of alcohol
-Public display of affection

We Deliver.

Mama Bear* is "down" with his new BunnYhawK tee-shirt. We got this one all the way to Full Tilt Ice Cream in White Center. Personal bike delivery can be arranged. If you have five dollars, we have your shirt. We like to ride its that simple.

*Rodney is having a birthday bar-bee-kew and bike ride in May. details to follow. (Ain't he cute?)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gritty City Ride - FLIER!

Oh SNAP!  Check that Gritty City shit out!

The Other Places

So, sometimes people ask me what I do. I think this is a common thing. Its a little strange however, when you are explaining this to people you know well. Like, your best friends. It's almost like you just expect those people that you see every day to just know where it is you go every day and what it is exactly that you do.

But they don't.

So I'm showing you this so that at least you can see where it is that I spend a bunch of my "professional" time. I think it might be nice if we all attempted to post one photo from work, or at least from our corner of it. I am fascinated by these spaces where people go all the time but are never seen.

Lets share.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Brunswick!

I think the only thing missing is business cards. I'm gunna make some.
Who wants some? Email me at

Below is what happened to Indian buffet night "after hours."

New Jersey!

Official BunnYHawK team jerseys have been issued. Printed on 100% post consumer tee-shirts. Cruelty free. Sweat shop free. Capitalism free. Carbon neutral. Vegan (except for the bunny meat, hawk meat and bear meat. Oh, and the Cougar Milk and the Jersey Cream.)

Guaranteed to wick away moisture to make you feel COOL! and on the coldest days insulate to make sure you look HOT!

The best part is they are FREE.* Ask me next time you see me and you can have one. I can also deliver one if it is on my way somewhere. Supplies are limited! Act now!**

*Well almost, there is a five dollar materials fee, but hell, who doesn't have five bucks!? Hell, if you really don't have five bucks, you can probably have one anyway.

**Thanks PartyBots! Thanks Karl!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

why not

Had some fun tonight. Looking at the bike racks, it seemed like I was the one of the only ones in Seattle on a bike tonight besides Karl.

Don't really know how to add a slideshow (i'll leave that to justin), but here's some pics capturing a wonderful time with a lot of different and wonderful people.

wonderful people

love you all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tacoma Screw -- April 5th, COUNT IT

Awhile ago I wrote about a ride in Tacoma. The time has come to just pick a goddamn date. Ride from Seattle to Tacoma in the AM and ride back in the PM.

If you're not into all those miles, there's plenty of other ways to get your arse down there. (train, car, bus, 90's, all that) The important thing is to be there!

Gritty City Sundays
When: Sunday April 5th, 2:30pm
Where: Northside of Wright park
What: Ridin' dirty
Why: We Help Each Other

For you jackals who want to ride all the way (and I KNOW you're out there!) we can talk about the deets later. I think we should consult a map or something to figure out the route and where to meet up. Looks like an "inter-urban trail" will go most of the way from Boeing Field to Tacoma. If anyone already knows this type of stuff please email me and save us all some time and effort.

If you're interested in the ride down there or meeting up at 2:30 in Tacoma email me at:

And now for a gratuitous picture of Dominic:


Every day I'm Snugglin'

every day I'm, every day I'm, every day I'm snugglin'

Ev-ev-ev-every day I'm snugglin'

with special thanks to rick ross

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Double Double

Sorry for the double post, I just finished this and couldn't keep it quiet. Hope everyone is home safe and sound.

Download the soundtrack at:

See ya'!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jersey Cream and Cougar Milk

I was a bit apprehensive, I have to admit. As everyone has heard by now, I used to live in Colorado and go skiing all the time (blahblahblah). I was worried because when you live and work in a ski town you tend to have a bit of disdain for the tourists. I was reluctant to let myself be one of those.

Guess what? It was awesome. It was the opposite of disdain. It was the most fun I have had in months.

Thanks to Burglar (aka Brandoneur) for organizing. Thanks to all for having fun witheachother. Thanks to those who were willing to follow me down all the crazy s**t. It was great to be back in Canada. It was awsome to get to know the famous whistler. It was fun to drive home with Domino. Its awesome to have some ski buddies again!!!!!!

Next year???? Backcountry this year???? More soon, please???!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Last night Dominic and I rode over to Fremont to the underground parking garage.  It was pretty awesome since the concrete is smooth which was fun for long ridiculous skid stops.  Dominic is the proud man that can do a no handed skid stop, one legged skid stop, no hand track stand and a full rotation backwards.  I just skidded around like a normal guy and got pretty good at no hand track stands.  The backwards riding is still in the works.

Best Quote Of The Night: "Tomorrow my arms are going to hurt and I'm going to be a wiener."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So this is a bit early but it is EFFING important because its going to be stupid fresh awsome!

Karl and I talked about it and we want to RIDE from GasWorksPark to the show for Thursday Thunder.

-Who: Karl and the bunnYhaWkS
: “iNVASION” by Karl Addison OPENING PARTY
-When: Thursday, April 9th, During the West Seattle Art Walk, 6 to 9 PM.
-Where: GSP to Twilight in the Junction, 4306 SW Alaska St
-Why: Vino and cupcakes

About the Artist: Karl Addison has been exploring the idea of over-population, saturation, and the dynamics between individual identity versus the selfhood gained and lost, when one becomes part of a union. For this show, Karl will impregnate the back gallery of twilight with a superplethera of mustachio boxes. The mustachio boxes, each having individual personalities, that when view together in this overpopulation become something all together different.

Be there or be BORING!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trick Or Treat

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 4th @ 6pm Dominic and I are heading over to Fremont to the underground parking garage next to PCC to dork around on our bikes.

Basically - we had a really good talk on Saturday about doing tricks and messing around.  We both found out that in the beginning we were not really in to it.  However, the more we have been riding we are starting to think that doing tricks is a great way to get more comfortable on your bike.  So, with that concept behind this - we are a go!  The better balance and control you have over your bike the safer you will be while riding.

Dominic is going to try to get speakers for his iPod so we will have music, and with PCC we are going to get some food.  All in all it's a great time to hang out with some great kids.

Call or Text us if you want to come play.

- karl addison

Wine - Photos - Best Friends

Holy crap... I'm so stoked to see everyone's photos from Saturdays Adventure. You kids are fucking awesome and yes I will swear like a sailor.

I'm trying to keep a lot of these photos together on my Flickr set. So here is the link and enjoy:

Stacks on deck, Patron on ice, We can RIDE TO WIN(E) and you can have whatever you like.

Ride to Win(e) from Dominic Henning on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ride to Win(e)!

So for a while there we were starting to look like the classic "drinking club with a bike problem", you all know the bumpersticker/tee-shirt. Then for a while it seemed like we were cooling it off in our love affair with booze and actually riding, sometimes for distance and sometimes for speed or elevation.

I think we successfully broke all of our previous records with this one drinking for speed and distance and elevation (of BAC). Most of us were plus 50 miles and at least .05 by the end of the day. Good work team, lets recap the highlights.

-I started with enough bottle cages to carry 72 ounces (one sixpack) of beer.

-Karl did a hands free trackstand and Dominic rode his bike backwards (almost) at Log Boom Park.

-We saw feral chickens and Greg yelled at a family for not minding their own business, adding just the right touch of surly to make us officially a "gang".

-We took an informative tour of the Chateau St. Michelle facility and sent funny texts back and forth like we were in a high school history class. Karl and I switched IDs at the wine tasting, no one even flinched. (See why this shouldn't work in the slide show.)

-We drank the free samples at the winery and liked them enough to buy several bottles of wine (We're talking $20 a pop here.) that were dispatched before we even got out of the parking lot, much to the concern of the other "upstanding" types that tend to visit wineries and generally avoid people like us.

-Decided that touring a winery wasn't enough so we went to the Brewery across the street to get hit on by besotted cougars in running attire while sampling the wares. (Brandon's moustache almost got ridden as hard as his fixie.)

-Purchased a half gallon of beer that was supposed to be "brought home for later"...Not!

-Overcame some confusion as to what "WeHelpEachother" actually meant and started the party for Shalene's birthday. Thanks for the snacks and the new couch to rest up and pound a tallboy of Miller and a Sparks on before cresting Capitol Hill.

-Finished the climbing around mile fifty (I still don't know what happened to Brandon) at Chop Suey just in time to catch The French Kicks. We were a mess at this point. When we left Anna talked me in to getting Tacitos at 7-11 (we lost Monica at this point). I passed out on our neighbors couch (with food in my mouth) while cat sitting and watching Police Academy.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. This was an epic classic! Thanks everyone.