Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Jersey!

Official BunnYHawK team jerseys have been issued. Printed on 100% post consumer tee-shirts. Cruelty free. Sweat shop free. Capitalism free. Carbon neutral. Vegan (except for the bunny meat, hawk meat and bear meat. Oh, and the Cougar Milk and the Jersey Cream.)

Guaranteed to wick away moisture to make you feel COOL! and on the coldest days insulate to make sure you look HOT!

The best part is they are FREE.* Ask me next time you see me and you can have one. I can also deliver one if it is on my way somewhere. Supplies are limited! Act now!**

*Well almost, there is a five dollar materials fee, but hell, who doesn't have five bucks!? Hell, if you really don't have five bucks, you can probably have one anyway.

**Thanks PartyBots! Thanks Karl!!!

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