Monday, March 23, 2009

Who vants a mustache ride?? I do! I do!

On April the 1st a Weds eve forfawksake, there will be a small group of Bunnyhawks and others converging on the "hill" as I've heard it called. 1/2 Wednesday night pub crawl (what a great idea), 1/2 mustachio contest, 1/3 bunnyhawk ride. Those who work at Recycled Cycles or near there will leave the shop sometime after 8pm, to be at The Stumbling Monk by 9:00 PM. From there, the ride will be directed by a rider vote, with the best mustache getting tiebreaking duties. Best mustache gets a beer at each stop. We'll see how many stops we actually do. I'm making this up for James the future Bunnyhawk, so if any details are incorrect, they will be rectified directly.

1 comment:

  1. kind of sad I shaved my mustache. love the stumbling monk though!