Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Other Places

So, sometimes people ask me what I do. I think this is a common thing. Its a little strange however, when you are explaining this to people you know well. Like, your best friends. It's almost like you just expect those people that you see every day to just know where it is you go every day and what it is exactly that you do.

But they don't.

So I'm showing you this so that at least you can see where it is that I spend a bunch of my "professional" time. I think it might be nice if we all attempted to post one photo from work, or at least from our corner of it. I am fascinated by these spaces where people go all the time but are never seen.

Lets share.


  1. yeah i got fired, but i did change the color to pretty much the same purple as bunnyhawkz, so that means i work pretty much at a computer like you

  2. I like this insight. About the places we spend so much of our time, but that our loved ones barely experience. It's really true, hmm.