Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ride to Win(e)!

So for a while there we were starting to look like the classic "drinking club with a bike problem", you all know the bumpersticker/tee-shirt. Then for a while it seemed like we were cooling it off in our love affair with booze and actually riding, sometimes for distance and sometimes for speed or elevation.

I think we successfully broke all of our previous records with this one drinking for speed and distance and elevation (of BAC). Most of us were plus 50 miles and at least .05 by the end of the day. Good work team, lets recap the highlights.

-I started with enough bottle cages to carry 72 ounces (one sixpack) of beer.

-Karl did a hands free trackstand and Dominic rode his bike backwards (almost) at Log Boom Park.

-We saw feral chickens and Greg yelled at a family for not minding their own business, adding just the right touch of surly to make us officially a "gang".

-We took an informative tour of the Chateau St. Michelle facility and sent funny texts back and forth like we were in a high school history class. Karl and I switched IDs at the wine tasting, no one even flinched. (See why this shouldn't work in the slide show.)

-We drank the free samples at the winery and liked them enough to buy several bottles of wine (We're talking $20 a pop here.) that were dispatched before we even got out of the parking lot, much to the concern of the other "upstanding" types that tend to visit wineries and generally avoid people like us.

-Decided that touring a winery wasn't enough so we went to the Brewery across the street to get hit on by besotted cougars in running attire while sampling the wares. (Brandon's moustache almost got ridden as hard as his fixie.)

-Purchased a half gallon of beer that was supposed to be "brought home for later"...Not!

-Overcame some confusion as to what "WeHelpEachother" actually meant and started the party for Shalene's birthday. Thanks for the snacks and the new couch to rest up and pound a tallboy of Miller and a Sparks on before cresting Capitol Hill.

-Finished the climbing around mile fifty (I still don't know what happened to Brandon) at Chop Suey just in time to catch The French Kicks. We were a mess at this point. When we left Anna talked me in to getting Tacitos at 7-11 (we lost Monica at this point). I passed out on our neighbors couch (with food in my mouth) while cat sitting and watching Police Academy.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. This was an epic classic! Thanks everyone.

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  1. yeah i don't know what happened to me either. I know I was at the stumbling monk by myself for one beer and then eventually woke up at home in my bed.