Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tacoma Screw -- April 5th, COUNT IT

Awhile ago I wrote about a ride in Tacoma. The time has come to just pick a goddamn date. Ride from Seattle to Tacoma in the AM and ride back in the PM.

If you're not into all those miles, there's plenty of other ways to get your arse down there. (train, car, bus, 90's, all that) The important thing is to be there!

Gritty City Sundays
When: Sunday April 5th, 2:30pm
Where: Northside of Wright park
What: Ridin' dirty
Why: We Help Each Other

For you jackals who want to ride all the way (and I KNOW you're out there!) we can talk about the deets later. I think we should consult a map or something to figure out the route and where to meet up. Looks like an "inter-urban trail" will go most of the way from Boeing Field to Tacoma. If anyone already knows this type of stuff please email me and save us all some time and effort.

If you're interested in the ride down there or meeting up at 2:30 in Tacoma email me at:

And now for a gratuitous picture of Dominic:



  1. yup, yup i'm riding my ass down there. hooray!

  2. You can count my ass in twice!!!