Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trick Or Treat

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 4th @ 6pm Dominic and I are heading over to Fremont to the underground parking garage next to PCC to dork around on our bikes.

Basically - we had a really good talk on Saturday about doing tricks and messing around.  We both found out that in the beginning we were not really in to it.  However, the more we have been riding we are starting to think that doing tricks is a great way to get more comfortable on your bike.  So, with that concept behind this - we are a go!  The better balance and control you have over your bike the safer you will be while riding.

Dominic is going to try to get speakers for his iPod so we will have music, and with PCC we are going to get some food.  All in all it's a great time to hang out with some great kids.

Call or Text us if you want to come play.

- karl addison


  1. i can't make it tomorrow, but for future wednesdays i'd like to see some of these:




  2. Sorry dudes got responsibilities 2nite. I would be stoked if I could get my backwards riding down.
    Nohandtrackstand would be rad too, I can only do it in my living room for some reason.