Friday, May 29, 2009

London Calling

My P-Far count was already at ONE, within only 45 minutes of my arrival. The P-Far in question was ridden by an average lookin lass 'round the age of 30, methinks - and by average lookin I mean "not old timey". Given this single data point, and the commonality expressed within it, I'll extrapolate to say that I expect to see ELEVENTY GILLION P-Fars whilst here.

And I expect to see a lot of tweed. Isn't that how they dress here, or am I stereotyping, jolly ol' chap?


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Attempted bike thievery in the first degree

So, last night some combination of crackheads and/or the garden cholos who I caught siphoning gas from my truck last year, attempted to break into the bike cage at my place of residence. They got 1.5 locks out and made the door inoperable. I called the landlord to say, "fix the fucking cage, my sole transportation lives there."

I also left a note for the would-be thief:

"Dear Sir or Madame--he or she who so boldly attempted to break into the bike room on the night of May 26/27 2009:

If you are caught, I will break your fucking legs and beat you within an inch of your life. I promise pain and rage at a level that may make you wish you'd never been born.


A resident"

I'll snap a picture of the (hopefully replaced) locks after work and be sure to register my ride with the man.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bikes, T-shirts/Screenprinting & A Lady

Yeah, so you may or may not know but I love me some screen printing.  I also love me some drawing/illustrations, bikes.... oh yeah and cute girls.

Kevin Dart is an illustrator.  He has this great 1960s style; think "I Dream Of Jeannie" mixed with Japanese "kawaii."  To see his work check out

A fellow cyclist did some modeling for his new tees at the Redmond Velodrome.  The photo that Dan Cole took of Laila is pretty amazing and sweet.  Check it out for yourself:

Bicycle Belles

Nikki (second from left) is a barista at All City Coffee here in Gea-Tac. She also has a bike gang that likes to dance called The Bicycle Belles.

They are hosting a ride on Sat June 13th. It pairs up nicely with the other things we do on the 13th right??? We should be there.

Its a Saturday. I say we ride for distance and then meet the ensuing crowd for post a ride riding ride.

I think this could be real fun.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Gates of Hellview...

Straight from the gates of Hellview...

Friday May 29th, 2009

What: Ride your bicycle across lovely Lake Washington to experience Seattle's eastern shore, Mercer Island, Bellevue and perhaps some of the gems around Lake Sammamish.

What else: Beer and food, food and beer.  Scavenger hunt/objective checklist for those with a taste for grey poupon.  We may hit the "Sphere of Affluence", whatever that's all about...

Where: Meet at Gasworks Park 6:30pm.  Dress for class, Bellevue ain't a minin' town.

Places we roll through: Washington Park Arboretum, Madrona and Leschi Parks, I-90 bridge, Mercer Slough Nature Park, Bellevue Square, Meydenbauer Bay, places that serve yuppies, places that serve bunnyhawks.

If you just can't wait three days and change until this most luxurious event, then you may wish to follow the Bellevue Square Twitter page.

From Bellevue Square's website:  "Bellevue is at the epicenter of the Northwest’s sizzling cuisine scene."  They then go on to list such culinary gems as Auntie Anne's pretzels and Tully's Coffee.  What the shit?

The hypothesis we strive to test on this ride is: 

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Felt so good... uhhh... wait... maybe... fv(k!

This weekend was the West Side Invite (You obviously missed the memo*). I decided to drink a bunch of beer and fulfill my obligations to my registration form dutifully filled out weeks ago.

I entered the Saturday Alley Cat with Baby Bear.

Couldn't resist the temptation. The start was a stones throw (Hah!) from my new pad in Gea-Tac and I had already paid for the beer.

We crushed it. Well not really. Dead center of the pack out of 55 competitors. Not bad for a dead guy and someone who hours before completed a grueling 4 checkpoint time trial to the top of Queen Anne. (Consider also the competition)

I'm still paying for that choice. The Kidney Gods are quick to anger! They hate alcohol and exercise. (what got me into this mess in the first place). Sunday back on the bench! The tenderness is fading but hell so is my patience for couch time.

I'm gonna take it extra slow in the next few days. But lets get bunnYHawkin' again soon. Anyone wanna roll 'oer to Bellevue this weekend???

*Not you Karl or you Charlie. I know yous was there.

Update and Miracle Cure.

So turns out you can cure kidney stones with Coca Cola. No Sh*t.

I tried this and it works. I am ALWAYS skeptical of folk remedies, but I felt better within hours of drinking two liters of said cola in a two hour time frame. I have gone from 5 doses of Oxycontin a day to just one ibuprofen.

Still tender, but apparently cured.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So as we have been settling in to Georgetown, we have been watching, with anticipation, the load in and development of these folks. They have an awesome location right off of airport way at the end of "town". I'm not sure when the officially open but they did host a "bike wash" this weekend.

I'm excited for many reasons that mostly have to do with:

The well documented positive corelation between bikeshops and rising property value. (Voeckler, Leipheimer 2003)

Now you can ride repair kit free / worry free all the way here. (during regular buisness hours)

I might be able to pick up some hours here if the job market gets really rocky.

They might host "events" or "shows" to liven up the neighborhood.

This being the the newest least known shop in Seattle I'm sure there will instantly be an certain amount of "street cred" assigned to knowing about or participating in any facet of this new opperation. I need street cred.

Its just one more reason for you all to to come on down! (As if you needed more)

Monday, May 18, 2009

So there it is. For ten bucks I got to buy the 1000 or so images that comprise the CT scan of my abdomen and the software to look at them. I was quickly able to use that software to identify and diagnose the area of concern. Frikkn' Awesome!

Doctor says I'm still in good shape, no fever, nausea dizziness, fainting so... We are going to wait another week to see if it will move on its own. So far not much according to today's most recent X-rays. (Bought those too.) Who knows when this saga will end.

I'm going to ride a bike on Wednesday if it kills me. I think it might help shake this thing loose.

how ya livin' bunny smalls?

mad Seattle hasslin', sparks passin', music blastin
but I just can't quit
because one of these bunnies Burglar got ta creep with

throw yo hands in the air for some hands-free flaaaaare

to the bunnies gettin money playin b-hawks like dummies

if you gotta U-lock in your waist, please don't hit up my face
cuz I see some bunnies tonight that should be shreddin' the paaaavement. baaaby.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucky 13

The worst pain ever. There I was enjoying a nice after work beer with Blaise at the Pacific Inn. My back started to kinda ache. It was cold and windy on Monday night but I rode home to Gea-Tac all th same (on bikes Duh). I got in the door and collapsed with pain. Anna and I were in the hospital until 2:00am when they still did'nt have any answers. Got a CT scan yesterday and they found a nearly centimeter square kidney stone lodged about half way to my bladder. I can't describe the pain. The drugs they gave me feel super wierd. Oxycodone mixed with Cipro mixed with some anti nausea meds. I am stone trippin'

Anyway I can't ride my bike until I pass this thing as josteling it around makes the stone slash small viens in the Uriter causing me to piss blood.

If you all ride to GT however I can ride with you to the NPH or GLC for a beer. That would make me feel better. Any takers?

I like to ride my bicycle!

If you follow my Twitter you know I say a lot of stupid shit about booze, bikes, art, more art, and how I like to ride my bicycle. My friend Ryan just told me about this re-mix. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hellview in Bellevue

Alright, y'all need to know one thing. We're punting. The chips were down, and we had a ways to go, but we ain't gonna make it, not right now. Wait, fuck sports metaphors. Incoherent jock-strap babble means little these days.

All I'm trying to say is that the upcoming Hellview in Bellevue is being postponed from this weekend to tentatively the 3oth of May.

"Why?" you might ask, "But for what?"

Because I don't have time to put together the most killerest scavenger hunt that ever terrorized upper-middle and upper-upper class white people until the proposed date of the ride. Rest assured the following must be done to successfully ride straight out of the gates of hell, er gated communities of Hellview:

1. Urinate on a new condo development.
2. Touch a consulting firm (and drink in its parking lot)
3. Set off the car alarm of at least one luxury sedan from each of the following countries: America, Japan, Germany, bonus points for France, Italy or England.
4. Request grey poupon from at least one luxury sedan driver while at a stoplight.
5. Burn down Mercer Island
6. Swim in a lake/creek/ditch

Teams, official date, full route map and objective lists will be showing up soon. Until then...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Here's some lousy photos from Skagit Valley

Photos from Tulip Adventure

We had good times, we had the best of times. Thanks for the folks that drove us all out there, thanks for the rest for coming out and enjoying a perfect day of bikes & sun.

To see more photos, check out my Flickr

Friday, May 8, 2009

True Romance - Seattle Bike Ride Now AVAILABLE!

NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE: True Romance - Seattle Bike Ride

Hop on your bicycle, take a date out and go ride around. It could be in town, it could be to a park, it could be a-get-away on your bike. The point is, bikes are fun and so is could company. So mix the two. I drew this inspired by the 1940s advertising era. I added a few modern touches to it to bring it up to the current times. I'm kind of love with it, as much as the concept and composition. Enjoy this drawing, enjoy your bike go on a date and create some romance.

Artwork by Karl Addison

Two Lips on Two Wheels

Re-posting to bring to the top!

Hey Bunnyhawks!! Let's see some GD flowers up North in Skagit Valley, aka, Tulip Country.

We'll haul the bikes up North to Mt Vernon with cars ("cheating") and then we'll ride around Tulip Country. Frolicking encouraged. Nay, mandatory.

We'll eat some food, we'll see flowers, we'll ride bikes.

Why not? It's an everlasting bond.

Who: Bunnyhawks
What: TipToe-clip through the Tulips (on Two Wheels)
When: This Saturday May 9th
Where: Meet up at Gas Works Park 10:00 am to strap our bikes onto motorized vehicles
Why: Flowers, Friends, Fun!
How: On bikes Duh!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lucky 13

So... There have been a few conversations about how for one reason or another our Thursday rides just fail to perform. We just can't seem to turn a social profit on this one. So... We are totally re-designing the product line to more accurately reflect our target demographic.

Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce the newest in regularly scheduled bicycle riding from the BunnYHawks...

The Lucky Thirteen!

This ride will take place on the 13th of the month rain or shine, light or dark, forever at GWP at 6:30 pm.

You need a note from your Mom to get out of this one.

Seattle Bike Ride - New Artwork

New artwork, finished as of yesterday (May 5th 2009). I'm really happy with this, in fact I printed my film positive this morning and burned my screen shortly afterwards. It's going in to production and will be available for sale. Need to print and take some photos for product shots.

Hope you love it, I sure as hell do.

WestSide Invite

This is coming up pretty fast.  Its four days of alley cat events.  Bound to be a good time.  Justin & I are doing it for sure.  We would like for any of you to join us, ride bikes, and be radical.

You can sign-up online:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Derdy Party

We are sexy. Wish you were here.