Friday, May 8, 2009

Two Lips on Two Wheels

Re-posting to bring to the top!

Hey Bunnyhawks!! Let's see some GD flowers up North in Skagit Valley, aka, Tulip Country.

We'll haul the bikes up North to Mt Vernon with cars ("cheating") and then we'll ride around Tulip Country. Frolicking encouraged. Nay, mandatory.

We'll eat some food, we'll see flowers, we'll ride bikes.

Why not? It's an everlasting bond.

Who: Bunnyhawks
What: TipToe-clip through the Tulips (on Two Wheels)
When: This Saturday May 9th
Where: Meet up at Gas Works Park 10:00 am to strap our bikes onto motorized vehicles
Why: Flowers, Friends, Fun!
How: On bikes Duh!


  1. Are those flowers bunnyHawk flavored? The colors couldent be more perfect.

  2. they look delicious, I can't wait to snack on a few this saturday.