Monday, May 18, 2009

So there it is. For ten bucks I got to buy the 1000 or so images that comprise the CT scan of my abdomen and the software to look at them. I was quickly able to use that software to identify and diagnose the area of concern. Frikkn' Awesome!

Doctor says I'm still in good shape, no fever, nausea dizziness, fainting so... We are going to wait another week to see if it will move on its own. So far not much according to today's most recent X-rays. (Bought those too.) Who knows when this saga will end.

I'm going to ride a bike on Wednesday if it kills me. I think it might help shake this thing loose.


  1. No dying - then we'd have to sell your new custom bike. As Boedie Cycles' self-proclaimed PR manager, question for you, senor, as a well-connected master of bike art. We're looking for someone to design a t-shirt for Boedie Cycles. Trying to increase our bike shwag. Any suggestions? Sorry we missed you on Friday night. Good luck with the stone - may it pass with minimal pain. cheers* erin

  2. okay, so i know that kidney stones KILL (momz says it hurt worse than child labor), but i'm seriously obsessed with the pic of your CT scan.

    "mother effin kidney stone"