Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucky 13

The worst pain ever. There I was enjoying a nice after work beer with Blaise at the Pacific Inn. My back started to kinda ache. It was cold and windy on Monday night but I rode home to Gea-Tac all th same (on bikes Duh). I got in the door and collapsed with pain. Anna and I were in the hospital until 2:00am when they still did'nt have any answers. Got a CT scan yesterday and they found a nearly centimeter square kidney stone lodged about half way to my bladder. I can't describe the pain. The drugs they gave me feel super wierd. Oxycodone mixed with Cipro mixed with some anti nausea meds. I am stone trippin'

Anyway I can't ride my bike until I pass this thing as josteling it around makes the stone slash small viens in the Uriter causing me to piss blood.

If you all ride to GT however I can ride with you to the NPH or GLC for a beer. That would make me feel better. Any takers?


  1. Holy cow, hang in there man. That's a real pisser.

  2. ouchamagoucha! what a pain in the duct. hope you get well soon.