Monday, May 25, 2009

Felt so good... uhhh... wait... maybe... fv(k!

This weekend was the West Side Invite (You obviously missed the memo*). I decided to drink a bunch of beer and fulfill my obligations to my registration form dutifully filled out weeks ago.

I entered the Saturday Alley Cat with Baby Bear.

Couldn't resist the temptation. The start was a stones throw (Hah!) from my new pad in Gea-Tac and I had already paid for the beer.

We crushed it. Well not really. Dead center of the pack out of 55 competitors. Not bad for a dead guy and someone who hours before completed a grueling 4 checkpoint time trial to the top of Queen Anne. (Consider also the competition)

I'm still paying for that choice. The Kidney Gods are quick to anger! They hate alcohol and exercise. (what got me into this mess in the first place). Sunday back on the bench! The tenderness is fading but hell so is my patience for couch time.

I'm gonna take it extra slow in the next few days. But lets get bunnYHawkin' again soon. Anyone wanna roll 'oer to Bellevue this weekend???

*Not you Karl or you Charlie. I know yous was there.

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  1. Give me an air compressor and a couple water boards and i'll get that kidney stoned, no prob..