Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So as we have been settling in to Georgetown, we have been watching, with anticipation, the load in and development of these folks. They have an awesome location right off of airport way at the end of "town". I'm not sure when the officially open but they did host a "bike wash" this weekend.

I'm excited for many reasons that mostly have to do with:

The well documented positive corelation between bikeshops and rising property value. (Voeckler, Leipheimer 2003)

Now you can ride repair kit free / worry free all the way here. (during regular buisness hours)

I might be able to pick up some hours here if the job market gets really rocky.

They might host "events" or "shows" to liven up the neighborhood.

This being the the newest least known shop in Seattle I'm sure there will instantly be an certain amount of "street cred" assigned to knowing about or participating in any facet of this new opperation. I need street cred.

Its just one more reason for you all to to come on down! (As if you needed more)

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