Monday, May 25, 2009

The Gates of Hellview...

Straight from the gates of Hellview...

Friday May 29th, 2009

What: Ride your bicycle across lovely Lake Washington to experience Seattle's eastern shore, Mercer Island, Bellevue and perhaps some of the gems around Lake Sammamish.

What else: Beer and food, food and beer.  Scavenger hunt/objective checklist for those with a taste for grey poupon.  We may hit the "Sphere of Affluence", whatever that's all about...

Where: Meet at Gasworks Park 6:30pm.  Dress for class, Bellevue ain't a minin' town.

Places we roll through: Washington Park Arboretum, Madrona and Leschi Parks, I-90 bridge, Mercer Slough Nature Park, Bellevue Square, Meydenbauer Bay, places that serve yuppies, places that serve bunnyhawks.

If you just can't wait three days and change until this most luxurious event, then you may wish to follow the Bellevue Square Twitter page.

From Bellevue Square's website:  "Bellevue is at the epicenter of the Northwest’s sizzling cuisine scene."  They then go on to list such culinary gems as Auntie Anne's pretzels and Tully's Coffee.  What the shit?

The hypothesis we strive to test on this ride is: 

What the fuck is wrong with these people?


  1. Can't wait. They have over 15,000 millionaires there. Our city has at least one million fifteenthousandaires, this should be a fair fight.

    Should we call Aberdeen for back?

  2. Yo, get on the line with Forks, Aberdeen, Carnation, Entiat and the State of Mississippi--we're gonna give 'em all they can handle.

  3. i am seriously bummed about missing this. i would have busted out my sweetest striped shirt.