Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So this is a bit early but it is EFFING important because its going to be stupid fresh awsome!

Karl and I talked about it and we want to RIDE from GasWorksPark to the show for Thursday Thunder.

-Who: Karl and the bunnYhaWkS
: “iNVASION” by Karl Addison OPENING PARTY
-When: Thursday, April 9th, During the West Seattle Art Walk, 6 to 9 PM.
-Where: GSP to Twilight in the Junction, 4306 SW Alaska St
-Why: Vino and cupcakes

About the Artist: Karl Addison has been exploring the idea of over-population, saturation, and the dynamics between individual identity versus the selfhood gained and lost, when one becomes part of a union. For this show, Karl will impregnate the back gallery of twilight with a superplethera of mustachio boxes. The mustachio boxes, each having individual personalities, that when view together in this overpopulation become something all together different.

Be there or be BORING!!!!

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