Monday, April 27, 2009

Trail Blazin'

There it is, photo evidence. Notice that the speedometer is indicating that we are still indeed moving while the odometer indicates this is the exact moment we reached 50 miles.

These were hard earned. It was cool to hear about everyones private experience in the pain cave. Juanita was a long lonesome road that ended (finally) with a snack throwdown at an anonymous Shell station (V-Power is the best gas ever!)

Things got a little blurry after LogBoom. Got Blurryer and Blurrriyer at Gregs place after. (Charlotte makes great "hand pies". I took an extra home for breakfast.)

We had too many buNnyHawks on the injured list but just enough to ROLL1! OUT1!

Thanks ExtraTuff for filling the ranks for an all out assault.

1 comment:

  1. My pleasure joining the "journey to the east." Blazing the counter clockwise loop with a couple detours (getting lost) was a lot of fun. The following day my legs weren't very happy with me as I decided to race the Corndog Classic, which consisted of eating corndogs and racing up and down Capital Hill time after time.
    Bunnyhawks never say die.