Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Track Drops

So this is a photo of a Bridgestone T700 from the last year they were in production. Obviously a touring bike rarely comes stock with track drop outs especially a touring bike from 1988. Well... I had been running this frame as a fixed gear since about 2004 and had already cut off the d-hanger. So really there was no going back but... I never felt like the bike was complete.

Then I met Chris Boedeker. Then Chris took a battery of frame building courses. Then Chris and I drank some beer while he installed some new track drops on the "Bridgie" and it became a "Boedie"*.

(It was a good thing too because the original Tange drop on the drive side of the bike was cracked almost all the way through. Chris probably saved my life.)

1 comment:

  1. i like that this sweet pic of your dropouts includes both a Bunnyhawk Spoke Card and what appears to be an Addison Mustache Box sticker