Monday, February 9, 2009

Beard and Stache

So Karl and I entered the Beard and Stache Dash yesterday and for a couple of guys who weren't expecting much, we kicked some serious ass. Its hard to judge placement in these sorts of races because so much is dependent on points and time is not usually a factor past third place at any given check point so... Anyway it gets complicated but, we were told by the race officials that we were in the top ten out of almost 70 contenders. Approximately ten of which were mopeds and we beat most of them. If you subtract the mechanized contenders and figure we had an above average amount of points (which we did) and that you had to get a tattoo to get a huge percentage of the points available (which first and second place did) [Correction: actually, this is a lie. See comment below by Amy] and then understand that the four guys that finished as a pack ahead of us only beat us by 30 seconds or so....

I think its safe to say if we weren't entirely triumphant we were certainly exultant. I would race again with Karl any day.


  1. I think you guys did great... but just for the record, 2nd place did not get a tattoo. She's just really good at drinking and 1st place got naked and swam in 2 fountains!


    Turns out I'm pretty good at drinking too. And listening to too many rumors instead of getting the facts straight.

    I'll STILL race with Karl any day.

  3. Come to Omaha, We'll show you lip fur like you never seen.

  4. just you wait till next time!

  5. Can I just say that Justin and I were nearly an unstoppable duo? I to would race with Justin any day... and trust me there are TONS of races coming up!