Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lucky 13

Traditionaly 13 is an unlucky number. So far this has been true for the BunNyHawks.

No More.

We have a great Saturday planned. We will ride together from GWP to Fauntleroy in West Seattle making several stops for food and drink. We will then head to Belltown to join the Bicycle Belles for their ride/performance. We will stick with them until Georgetown. After that it's up to you whats gonna happen.

Be there or be square.

Who: BunnYhAWKs + Bicicle Belles
What: Lucky 13
When: 11:00am
Where: Gas Works Park
Why: Get 13 lucky
How: Steamrollers- (They have two wheels right?)


  1. steamrollers? kind of like mannheim steamroller?

  2. PS - an english teacher I had in high school played that CD every day around christmas, blastin' that "joy to the world" tune when we'd roll into the room.

    GD mannheim steamroller. everyday. seriously.