Monday, December 29, 2008

UK notables

Had to put up a quick post to display a few snap-shots I got whilst across Ye Olde Ponde.

Exhibit A:

British dude totally about to overtake this "Derby Express Couriers" lorry (showing some bad bicyclin' speed!!), which is just evidence that the Brits are in bad need of some bike messengers. and some speed. and the classic, inspiring movie, "the need 4 speed" (parts 1 through 1 million)

Exhibit B:

No explanation needed, this obviously needed to be captured on film.

Exhibit C:

The convenience store near my hotel was named Mister Booze (I am not making this up). I went there everyday. Twice if I could. Sadly, though, they did not sell Sparks.

That's all for now. Snow-mageddon is over. The New Year is coming.

Ka kaaa!

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