Tuesday, December 30, 2008

OK back in action after a rousing trip to the east coast for some feasting and baby jesusing. There was a lot of snow, a lot of driving in cars to go places although I did manage to convince my dad that both meat and booze could be retrieved without the use of fosil fuels even in Connecticut. Pops was stoked! He and my mom would bunnyHawk for sure.

We dropped in to New York had our minds blown out at the MET by thousands of years old sculpture portraits. Walked around Central Park (We all got nostalgic for the time we spent more time in NYC. It still is an incredible place). Then we met Max. He started a ride from our house in September that lasted until last week in Brooklyn. (John Wayne Pain Train pictured here.) We were there to watch him dip his Rear wheel in the Puget and his front in the east river! Way to go little buddy. Max is the truest of the true old school propa' stompa'. See the slide show for the bunnyhawk brooktown roll out.
(note the recycled cycles cap that went round the block)

Also, we all need to start thingking about how we are going to pull off the January ride. Remember we have TWO count them TWO bunnyhawk birthdays to celebrate and although he didn't live to join or nessesarily live to ride, Dr Martin Luther King is definately in the club and we are definately going to celebrate his day!!!!


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