Sunday, January 18, 2009


So first off, how about the weather we have been having. Unbelievable! I love this city. It knows when enough is enough and it backs off for a few days to let the sun shine so we don't all just melt in a clammy pool of slothfulness and oblivion.

Indeed it seems like the gods look favorably on the BunNyHawkS. We should thank them.

We should also thank all of the people that helped us along the way. All of the bar tenders and waitresses and cops/federal building employees and convenience store owners that put up with a twenty headed octopus with wheels for arms and beer cans for mouths such as us. All of the folks in China working so hard to crank out enough "fiowcwakows" to slake our unquenchable thirst for things that go "Bang...Bang-Bang" and the First Nations people that march against the grain of our state laws and exploit land treaty loop holes to sell them to us. Lets thank beer and fortified energy drinks.

Lets also thank all of the new comers who rolled out with us for the first time. Those of you with experience with this sort of group ride kinda stuff, thanks for sharing your skills. Those of you who may have rolled out for the first time... Thanks for your courage and welcome to the mean streets. Don't give up you are free now.

"BuNnYHaWkS fu'eva...duh!"

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