Friday, January 9, 2009

meet my old new love

I've been nagging bunnyhawk bearmeat about helping me find a classic street bike to fill the bike shaped hole left by my beloved 1963 marigold orange Peugeot that carried my drunken-stoned-tripped out long-haired ass through the humid oak-lined brick streets of Gainesville 1988-1991. I've cruised bike stores and craigs list and today I answered an ad for a classic Schwinn - $75. I went to see it tonight and bought it on sight. Mostly original except for the cruiser handle bars it is in super sweet shape for a bike that is 44 years old. According to the website Bunch O' Bikes the serial number indicates it was manufactured in Chicago July 19th, 1965 . I love that my new old love has a birthday and that we were born 2 years apart (I am a May 19th, 1967 model made in Florida). It's got a leather seat and a virtually unscathed bronze paint job. All the labels look like they were just applied last night. It's a mature, substantial, and confident bike which is also how I like men.

Naturally I am shamelessly soliciting advice on restoring this sturdy old guy. Fire away.


  1. Nice get Mom. I was apprehensive when you said Schwinn, but I didn't know you meant "Chicago Schwinn". That thing will be a pain in the ass if you ever need to service it, but then will never have to service it. I hope to see you on it for the 17th! Truly a great find.

  2. Gainsville? Love that Millhopper sink hole and Blue Springs...