Sunday, January 4, 2009

So bunnies stay on the ground. BUNnyhawks however, fly. Realy fly. Ski bunnies also fly. and ski bunnyhawKs fly the most. That's right the buNnyhawks were out on the slopes all weekend. Saturday and Sunday. Bunnyhawk deep search party yesterday out and up Gold creek for some back country recon. "who says the avalanch danger is high???" Yours truely was buried several times but not snow landing on me more like me landing deep in the white room. "The Wife" a string of epithets and explitives as she was also pulled under several times by the dreaded "SnoSnake". Which all made for an excelent warm up for todays live fire exercise as the SnoBunnYHawks were flying in eschelon on a training /targeting mission high above Mount Rainier. Shaking out the jets as it were, keeping the oil cooled cannons in limber readyness. But seriously the trees up there are out of a fantasy about trees. So much sno-to-be-had. Many trips to the white room have left us all in the pain cave. BunnyHaWks fly. Fly. and Fly again. From the high peaks to the mean streets...We help eachother!!!! (thnx Lauren)

BTW, whats with snoWpocalypse IV???!!!

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