Monday, January 4, 2010

This is what happens, Larry, when you f**k a stranger in the a**.

Or when you leave your bike outside for a few hours because you forgot to lock it up because you had two bags of ice and some flowers in your hands and then you had to finish cooking for a party of 25 people.

Uhh... wait. What happens? Oh yeah, someone takes your crappy bicycle that you love a lot.

Bummer. But I am not too bummed out. I have been wanting a new bicycle lately, and this is the sort of thing that kicks you into *gear.

I am bummed out because I was about to POST the Lucky 13 ride on next Wednesday. It is my birthday (sorta) ride, and all i wanted to do was end at Smarty Pants.

Maybe Burglar will lend me his bike or something. But until then... MMMUUUUHHHHH.


  1. How many bikes do you need to borrow? I can lend you a whole bunch.

  2. we should wear suits for the Lucky 13 ride. that is all.