Saturday, January 9, 2010

Domino Turns 13!!!

Rolling Party on Wednesday to celebrate every BunnYHawKs favorite day of the month.

But wait there is more...
Yes, it is the Thirteenth, it is also Dominic's birthday!!!!

We start at Shorty's at 6:13. We will be at Recycled Cycles by 7:13 for beer and a look at some cool bikes (D needs a new whip). We will then roll in running formation directly to Squid and Ink for dinner via an untested route. We will finish the night with a champagne toast (and botowokets) at the river where we can all scream happy birthday in Dominic's ear.
Post ride reception at 9lb until the birthday boy needs to go to the airport for his b-day trip to Oaxaca or where ever the hell it is they are going now.

Be there or be cursed. Attendance is mandatory. The gods demand sacrifice!

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