Monday, January 18, 2010


Its Blaise's birthday today. You should meet him at Kings and buy him a beer.

If that isn't possible because you work in the morning, are sick or otherwise unable to attend the festivities, fear not you will have the opportunity to express your feelings of friendship, kinship and love this Friday.

We will meet Blaise at his house in the morning for mimosas and then roll down to Voula's Offshore Cafe for Eggs Benedict. Then we will ride some more. We will ride throughout the day and then meet the working stiffs at GWP at 6:30pm for a merry-go-round of favorite haunts.

The night will end with another champagne toast in view of a large and historically significant body of water beneath the light of the moon somewhere in Ballard. (Is there anything in Crown Hill that fits that description?)

See you there sukkas!

1 comment:

  1. sad I'll miss the mimosas, but i'll join the working stiff shift later on, yo!