Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday the (Lucky) 13th...

So, it's that time again. Time to ride forth and drink deeply from the tall cans of the ides of mid-month.

I personally think we should meet at Volunteer Park at 6pm and ride to get sixers of tall cans on the Hill before heading to the shores of Madison Beach. From there, we can head up to the U-district to get Pho-cked up while waiting for any of our friends who get off work at Recycled Cycles. After that, we can drink in Ravenna Park, or maybe Greenlake or Fremont or eat Red Mill burgers, and then we part ways. Who's in?

We may be able to defer this to a lucky 14 if y'all prefer a Saturday excursion with swimming and drinking. Text/email me to RSVP 4402236886 or so I know what we should plan for.

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